Monday, February 15, 2010

Guild update, K's birthday, and a lesson

It's been a while since I've talked about our guild's raiding adventures. Well to be honest, we had about 3 weeks in January where we were only able to pull together one raid night a week. There had been a number of positive life changes for guildies that cut down available raid nights. So while it was sort of frustrating to have such little raiding time, you couldn't help but be happy for such positive life changes in guildies' lives such as new jobs, moves, and family additions.

On a bad front, we've had to deal with absences due to technical difficulties. It just seems that the computing requirements to run WOW get greater and greater. Seriously, are we going to need super computers to run this game a year from now? Anyways, we've temporarily lost our cutest male gnome mage Nkm due to this. We miss ya Nkm! Sammy is so lost without you that he is running around Dalaran in a haze muttering "Nkm... battered hilt... cyber session..." Its really quite sad.

Back on a positive front, our pally healer extraordinaire Nicolause is back. And I am hopeful that our old friend Adamas is coming back to the game after a 6 month absence. Yes, this is the same Adamas who was the first guy I ever whispered or partied with in game. He randomly popped on our vent server the other night to say hello, which was awesome.

So recently things have finally turned around in terms of decent amount of raiding time. Here we are with Festergut last week. I was especially pleased that we were able to two heal it. It was tight (remember we are all in 10 man gear), and super mad crazy healing, but we did it.

Here we are with Blood Princes this past week. It was also a pretty tough healing fight but I have to give props to our hunter Kal for soloing the beach ball game so well.

Talking to Adamas on vent the other night made me think back fondly to K's start in this game. And it just so happens that today is the third birthday of me first playing this game, and the birth of Keredria as a toon! Is it odd that I remember this date? Hmmm. Oh and Jess put together a super cute post celebrating what I've spent the past 3 years doing in game and took along my sproutling. Way cute. Though I don't remember agreeing to Jess babysitting, but whatever. The sproutling even got bathed, so that's a bonus!

Finally, an important lesson for y'all. So I've recently realized that I've picked up a bit of a pooch, well bigger than I want or need, over the last year or so. So I think to myself:

Self, maybe you can try to combine playing WOW with doing some form of exercise! You can play the game you love while working on toning up!

This thought then had me making the brilliant decision that maybe I should play WOW while sitting/bouncing/doing some form of crunches on one of those large exercise bouncy balls. Now I would never ever raid on a bouncy ball, because I mean come on, I am a serius bzness raider right? But on a simple 5 man daily heroic? No problem! Right?

Well one of these days, I was doing the daily in Trial of the Champion with Wut and Jess. I think I started bouncing/doing crunches and kind of overdid it and bounced myself off the ball a bit. Oh and oops, Jess died. And the dps DK died. Though for the record, Wut was tanking and these two dps were grabbing some aggro off of Wut. So not totally my fault... though they probably would not have died if I was sitting on a stable surface.

Lesson here? Be careful if you decide to play WOW while exercising on a bouncing ball. (You heard it here first guys!) I ended up sort of sheepishly admitting this to Jess the next day.

It made me wonder though, are there any absolutely crazy things that you do while playing or raiding that would totally floor your guildies if they could see you?


  1. Happy birthday! Blizzard could make a version of WoW for the Wii so we have to actually run around. Instead of spell hit we'd have to imitate the casting animation. Tanking would be kinda boring: stand for two hours in a shield-holding stance.

  2. I actually used to fish in WoW while riding my exercise bike. I know how pathetic. :) How about 50 sit-ups for every wipe? :P

  3. @Klepsacovic: Awesome idea! How awesomely fit would we be if we had to actually run around? I would probably have incredibly toned arms/shoulders again from all the tree arm waving while healing.

    @Rejuvo: OMG, that is so cute! I love it! Fishing while on an exercise bike!

  4. The WoWfit. Sounds good. Happy toonday and I can't admit in public what I may be doing while playing....ahem....

  5. Omg... playing wow while exercising? Freaking AWESOME.

  6. @Eversor: I know! Isn't Klep's idea awesome? And hmmm... what is it you are doing while playing?!?!

    @Averna: Hai Averna!!! And yes, lets just say mild (emphasis on mild) exercising, though apparently I didn't do a great job if I fell off the ball and people died in the 5 man. :p

  7. Happy Birthday K.