Monday, February 22, 2010

When your toon influences real life

We were joking around on vent the other day about how our choice of toons may influence our real lives. Nikolai talked about how he has in fact strutted around his room just like his male draenei priest does. And you know what? I believe him. Then Jess then joked that while playing Makawee (a resto shammy), four paper mache or construction paper crafted totems surround the desk, thus creating an appropriate power center.

Now are there any things from my tree playing life that have spilled over into my real life? Well, its odd to have two fashion related posts in a row, but yes, there is one thing and it is around jewelry. I'm a bit of a jewelry nut (hahaha tree reference!) and my last couple of purchases have been heavily influenced by playing a tree in this game.

Some stunning examples that you can pick up from Jeunebugs, a seller on Etsy who takes real leaves, dries them, then dips them in silver, gold, or copper.

So there is how I show my tree pride in real life.

Anything spill over from your toons into your real lives?

Disclaimer: I have received nothing from this Etsy seller for this post. Heck, Jeunebugs doesn't even know who I am. I just think that she has incredibly stunning leaf jewelry (for a reasonable price) and wanted to share.


  1. I often find myself doing the night elf toe-bounce when I'm waiting at the train station.

  2. Jasyla... lol.

    Ker, those pendants are beautiful! I do have to admit to a closer affinity to bears, panthers, and trees as a result of my druid play. I also enjoy trying to sneak up on my cats to pounce on them. Their stealth detection is pretty good.

    I also sometimes refer to something as getting "buffed." Like my car getting new tires.

  3. Those orange leaf earrings are absolutely beautiful! I'm going to have to check out that site :)

    Thanks K!

    On a side note, I've seriously considered changing my car plates to something like LF1MHLZ =)

  4. @Jasyla: Aw... cute!

    @Kae: Ya, those cats probably come with a +50 stealth detection racial bonus.

    @Beru: I know! Aren't they stunning? And OMG, that would be a hilarious license plate!

  5. Omg, leafy earrings are gorgeous!!! Perhaps its time to buy myself a present.. ;)

  6. Well, I don't have any jewelry or anything like that, but I do keep this next to the computer whenever I raid.

    Fitting, I think... especially since it's my job in real life, too.

  7. I can neither confirm nor deny that I may or may not carry sharp, pointy objects on my person at any given time. >.>