Wednesday, February 10, 2010


From The Luxury Spot here's a screenshot from their description and pic of a shirt:

"still plays video games even though he's 30?"
"whiny girlfriend"

Anyways, one of the comments was nice to see:

Rock on @lly, rock on.


  1. I don't think they'll like the comment I left, that is, if they understand sarcasm. If they don't understand sarcasm, they'll love my comment.

  2. Are you an idiot who dates people with whom you have no common interests? Well buy a shirt, it will fix everything.

  3. Silly, there are no girls on WoW!!

  4. @Maerdred: Haha. I'm willing to bet sarcasm would go over their head.

    I find this irritating on multiple levels. First, I find the shirt itself irritating. I would never ever ever wear it. And I don't understand girls who would. "Ooh look at me! Look at my bewbs!" I think Tam should buy this shirt for Snottydin however.

    But then yes, I find the idea around "hey girls, don't whine but use this shirt on the ALMOST perfect but video game playing 30 year old boyfriend of yours!" also quite irritating.

    I think I may have maxed out the number of times the variation of the word irritating can be used on a blog over a 3 day period. I should stop.

  5. Actually, if you look closely at the picture, I think it's another woman giving those controls a test drive! I could be wrong, but that wrist watch looks highly feminine :)

    Maybe it's just two gals enjoying their video games, boys be damned?!

  6. Sigh, just sigh. Also quite frankly anybody handling their girlfriend's nipples in the same way they do the analog stick probably wouldn't keep said girlfriend long.

    I'm sure you're right, though, Snotty would love it ;)

  7. aaaw, come on K, you know you want it :P

  8. @Beru: Hmmm... you're totally right. Those hands do look like female hands. The shirt and the blog post still annoy me. The shirt still says "look at meh bewbs!".

    @Tam: Haha. Yep, I think this would be a great Valentine's Day gift option for you to present to Snottydin.