Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dante's Internet

As fellow bloggers and avid blog readers, I think you all would agree with me that the internet is serious business, right? Of course, of course. Thus, I share with you today, Dante's Internet (click to enlarge) from Geekosystem (though I can't seem to find where it originated).

Next time you're dealing with trolls, attention whores, grammar nazis (though I have to admit I am guilty here... l2know the difference between your and you're!), or people who use leet speak seriously, use this chart to confirm which circle of internet hell you are in.


  1. lol...you're chart is awesome! Your so funny! I can still hear my mom..."the question is not whether you CAN do it...the question is MAY you do it"....aughhhhh....grammar nazis!!!!
    Question. I read Dante's Inferno some time ago. Is it possible to be in multiple circles simultaneously?

  2. @Eversor: Grrr... lol. Your sarcasm amuses me.

    Not sure if it makes sense within the context of Dante's Inferno, but heck ya, I think you can be in multiple circles of internet hell simultaneously.

  3. This is pretty much an accounting of the average /b/tard.

  4. Ctrl-Alt-Del has a similar comic