Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sailors and Leaves

I wake up this morning to see that Nico popped by the blog to say hello and call me plant girl in the midst of doing whatever it is Navy sailors do. Well, what a coincidence because I had planned on mentioning this Department of Defence article that was talked about on this Joystiq article. The article says that the Office of Naval Research has found that "video game players perform 10 to 20 percent higher in terms of perceptual and cognitive ability than normal people that are non-game players". "We know that video games can increase perceptual abilities and short-term memory. They allow the player to focus longer and expand the player’s field of vision compared to people who don’t play video games".

The article continues in saying that they want folks to be agile and adaptable thinkers, "being able to work outside your present mindset, to think beyond what you have been taught, to go beyond your experience to solve problems in new and different ways." And that "video games can help adults process information much faster and improve their fundamental abilities to reason and solve problems in novel contexts".

Hmmm, interesting eh? On a totally unrelated note, a beautiful pic of leaves from a Flickr account:


  1. See?! Video games are good! I try to tell everyone that! lol

  2. I R Smart. I luv Video Games, I get to go pew pew. No more jail for me, cause I don't show my pee pee.