Wednesday, January 27, 2010

If WOW had Facebook

Have you seen these if so and so had facebook things going around? One of my favorites from If Star Wars had Facebook:

There's a similar series of If Lord of the Rings had Facebook:

Not quite sure how these were created, but someone should do one for WOW. My suggestion? Start with Jaina. She could say my guildie Shmoopsypoo's favorite line of hers: "But I just wanted to study", then Kael'thas could say "Yeah, I've heard that before", then Arthas could say "She didn't have to study with me Kael'thas". Hahahaha /sigh. I think I need more sleep.

On a side note, Jaina sort of irritates me, but I can't exactly put my finger on why she does. Apparently she may have been named after Jaina Solo, the jedi daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia (on Jaina's wowwiki page).


  1. Maybe she annoys you because she's an incredibly powerful mage (though she's far beyond that label), the leader of the Lordaeron exiles in Kalimdor, one of the few people wise enough to not carry over the war with the orcs...

    And says things like "I'm sorry Arthas, I can't watch you do this."

  2. And that is why I play WoW with the volume irritating voices! Oh yeah, and trade chat, general chat and lfg chat....oh and local defense chat as well. Now if I could just blur out all gno....errr I mean blur out all blood elves....

  3. Damn you K. Fell outta my chair at work.

    Gandalf is badass...I can totally see him saying Bitches!!!!

    And what is it about Luke calling me out? I don't even think Leia is all that.