Monday, January 18, 2010


1. Sometimes trade chat makes me go "Awwww":

2. Sometimes trade chat makes me go "What in the?!?!":

But really... is this guy for real?

3. Sometimes I find innervate a hard word to say:

Often in the course of raiding, someone will refer to our awesome druidy innervate ability. Well, I said something on vent recently about how I was ok on mana because I hadn't innervated yet. Nikolai/Sammy then proceeded to make fun of me (what nerve!) saying that I must be drunk or something because apparently I pronounced it weird, or slurred the word, or something.

Even though I've been a tree for almost 3 years now, I still find innervate an odd word to pronounce. Folks seem to pronounce it differently, with some giving it a stronger i and others giving more emphasis on the second n. Anyways, that's my story. Innervate is a hard word to say. I wasn't drunk.

4. Sometimes I don't want to know:

Have you seen the Battered Hilt drop in the new 5 mans yet? Well, our first battered hilt drop in a guild run happened this weekend. The winner actually already had the weapon, so after some discussion and examination of the corresponding weapons, there was a consensus decision as to who it would most benefit.

So the Battered Hilt is a hot item lately. In handing it over from one guildie or friend to another, what would you trade? Gold? Gratitude? Time in terms of runs for an alt or something? Those are all reasonable options I guess. Well, what was mentioned in this specific exchange was a hot cyber session. I think someone else mentioned that we would all have to be on vent to listen. Hahaha. Only in this guild... (or maybe not).

(To protect the innocent, or not so innocent, the two specific party members above have not been named.)

5. Sometimes a death makes me go "Awwww":

Deaths are so common in this little game of ours, that we just kind of quickly release and move on from it. But have you ever really looked at your dead toon? Or a guildie's dead toon?

Here is a recent shot of a dead Nkm, our cute little gnome mage. While I was mourning and dying a little inside, Shmoopypoo came by and D&D-ed the area, hence the red background.

Heartbreaking, isn't it?


  1. "I can't love you right now. My heart is on CD."

    Sounds like a country song.

  2. Valentines day card...done. LOL!

    I say introvate.

  3. Sorry....dead gnomes are always cause for great rejoicing!

  4. I know! I love the "my heart is on CD"... kinda sad but kinda cute.

    @Eversor: Nowai! What is with all this animosity in the blogsophere towards gnomes and punting them and all this nonsense? They are so freakin' cute! Gnomes are made for loving!

  5. With greatest respect...and apologies for my harsh words....but gnomes are evil little bundles of all that is wrong in the world! And it has nothing to do with getting stomped in PVP by little pink haired midgets.....On the bright side, in the Horde community, they are considered quite tasty. :)