Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tree on the outside, gnome on the inside?

Sometimes what you see on the outside is not what is there on the inside, hence the super cute pic above. (Is that not the cutest?!?!) Anyways, I have mentioned on this blog multiple times that I am a mainaholic. K, has been my main in every sense of the word, being not only my only level 80 toon, but the first toon I ever even created.

I do have a level 67 alt, a human priest who was created almost three years ago as well, not long after K. But its been a struggle to level her (um hello, its taken almost 3 years to get her to 67?!?!), yes in part because I always had a ton of things on K that I wanted to do (pvp, farm, gold cap). So I've leveled this alt in spurts but I don't know if I ever really felt excited about her.

Well, guys meet my new alt, my lock Kimchee:

The name? Well, duh, I'm Korean remember? Plus she may look innocuous, but if you aren't careful she will burn your ass off. She's spicy! She's just a bebeh but I am absolutely in love with her and have great plans for her to be a incredibly cute, yet evil and deadly affliction lock. And yes, I know, I know... a female gnome with pink pigtails seems so cliche, eh? Well I don't care. It's cute, damn it! Maybe I was inspired by the most famous pink pigtailed gnome of them all?

Can I just digress here for a moment and ask what it is about gnomes that causes comments like "gnomes were meant for punting"? Whenever I've talked about how cute my gnome guildies Nkm and Buns are, I get some evil comment from River, Klepsacovic or Eversor, who has even titled his new blog "I love gnomes... they're delicious". I mean come on guys! Do you guys what, kick puppies and kittens in your spare time when you aren't playing WOW? What is with all this animosity towards gnomes? How could you not love them? They are the cutest!

I was saying to T-baby last night that its been surprising to me how much I've been taken with Kimchee. I mentioned that in real life, on the outside, I am very much a tree. Folks who don't know me well see me as kind of stoic and reserved. But once people get to know me, they see a whole new silly and funny side to me. I think I've figured it out. On the inside, I am a cute gnome.


  1. I know how you feel =) As much as I love druid's, their races aren't (and probably never will be) my favorite, or even top few. Gnomes-> BElfs-> Draenei... and the others in some random order.

    But how could anyone ever want to punt a cute little pigtailed pink shortness of amazing =(

  2. Yay another affliction warlock to add to the ranks!

    Playing a totally adorable gnome warlock is a blast. I have one on a RP server and she is this bubbly little ball of death.

    Enjoy your gnome lock and go melt some faces!

  3. How did I get branded a gnome-hater when I always ready PPI and Gnomeaggedon, have a gnome DK, and even wrote a post called maybe gnomes aren't so bad after all?

    I am not a gnome-hater! They make such a delightful sound when they die. I wouldn't want to take that joy away from the world.

  4. That picture is horrible!!! Kermit ate some guys hand!!!

  5. And for the record...I have personally never eaten a gnome....uncooked anyway.

  6. Heheh, I'm really amused how instinctively you made a familiar pink-pigtailed gnome. The last time I tried to make a gnome he accidentally looked identical to Gnomer...

  7. @Khi: Aw yes... shortness of amazing. Totally! :)

    @Koalabear: OMG! I've had the hots, now I have the dots... (*cue lightbulb). Hots and Dots! ;)

    @Klep and Eversor: Hmmm... I'm not so convinced...

    @Tam: Aw, not that Gnomer isn't a handsome devil of a gnome, but ya I gravitated toward the pink pigtails. :)

  8. What a beauty! Grats!
    Just a pity you don't have access to mirror images! I assure you that's the absolutely best part about playing a mage - the ability to create an ARMY of pigtailed gnomes. So sweet and yet so powerful! I never miss an opportunity to pull them out, for instance if we're taking first-kill screenshots. And one of my fellow mages does the same! We always have 6 extra female gnome mages around for those photoes. And of course we're in the first line, the big guys have to stand behind.

  9. I love them Gnomes!!


  10. Gnomes took half my link...little thieves!!

  11. @Larisa: Aw yeah, I bet four pink pigtailed gnomes is just super cute. As Khi said, that is four times the shortness of amazing that is gnomes!

    @River: You really "love" gnomes eh?