Thursday, January 14, 2010

Flash mobs

Its funny or scary or sad (depending on how you look at it) but as a WOW blogger, random things that I come across often tend to remind me of something in game. The latest? This whole concept of flash mob dances. Have you seen these videos?

Antwerp, Belgium (I love the reaction of the people in this one):

Stockholm, Sweden:

London, England:

On one front, these reminded me of BRK and BBB's famous sponsored races. If I remember correctly (which is always iffy) I took part in a gnaked gnome race and a tauren one. I think our reaction to something completely unexpected tends to be similar whether its as one of the spectators in any of these flash mob dances, or as someone who happens to come across one of these races ingame. I remember the reaction of the folks we came across on these races were half "WTF?!?!" and half "LOL".

On a smaller scale, I'm sure we've all come across spontaneous events in game, be it a group of dancing toons (druids dancing together are the best, because uh... we are the best), a traveling line of mammoths, or a bunch of drakes parked on the flight area in Dalaran. I think the longer you play this game, you get kind of jaded on this sort of stuff, which would have probably been pretty cute and fun to you when you just started playing the game.

So next time I come across another one of these spontaneous events, I'm jumping in!


  1. yes dancing druids are awesome-sauce! :P a few guildie druids and i had a couple of awesome dance sessions outside uldar. both times we were able to synchronize our tree dance! :D

  2. God, that first movie, how cheesy is it that i was brought to tears by how awesome that was to think of that many people that would have got together to do something crazy like that just for fun or a touch of whimsy.

    Please, don't break my bubble by saying it was faked, let me sit in ignorance and dream of a world where people are that cool.

  3. @Adeanna: :) After all this time, tree dance still makes me smile.

    @BBB: Aww... who knew the biggest bear butt of them all was such a sensitive bear? No but seriously, that first clip from Belgium is totally my favorite.