Monday, January 25, 2010

Raiding update

We haven't been able to do much lately in terms of raiding progression, in part due to what I call the dominoes effect. You see, earlier this month we temporarily lost our dress, er kilt wearing pally healer Nicolause. He's doing US Navy training things somewhere until mid next month. In a 10 man raiding guild, losing one person, especially a healer is a huge deal.

Because Nico has been away, Jess has switched over to shammy healing and we have to hear "Chealz! Chealz!" all the time now, in addition to Makawee standing in the middle of the totems and calling it "the power center". /sigh. So this means that Jess isn't tanking, and as much as I hate to admit it, Jess sorta knows how to do the tanking bzness. So now Qyburn is tanking more, which is fine and all since Qyburn is well geared and knows what he is doing. But when Qyburn tanks, that means that we don't have him on Nkm. And that is sad because as a gnome mage, Nkm routinely tops not only the cute meters, but the dps meters. You see, dominoes!

For the last couple of weeks we just have not had enough raid nights with the right group composition to progress in ICC. We tried two healing Festergut one night, which was very very bad. We then went with three healers another night, and we just didn't have enough dps. /sigh. We've tried Rotface maybe 5 or 6 times and while we haven't gotten him down, its been nice to see definite progress each and every time. Can I just say the word ooze sounds really funny and kinda odd, almost like you're saying it wrong, especially after you hear it on vent so many times? Ooze. Ooooze. Oooooooze. Weird. Is it just me?

Oh, so I picked up Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff from Saurfang a couple weeks ago, and oooh is it shiny. The staff enchant on it is also quite mesmerizing if you stare at it adoringly for a long time. Not that I've ever done that, er... uh...

All in all, while its a bit frustrating to feel that we could be doing better if we had the right raid team, I guess in a way I'm not in a huge hurry since this is the last raid instance before Cataclysm. We will most definitely be finishing ICC later than most raiding guilds. I wonder what folks are supposed to do before Cataclysm comes out when, this fall/winter?


  1. Many words are weird if you say them enough times.

    Say say say say say say say say say


    I've heard November for Cataclysm. Or was it August? Something fallish. I imagine there will be some minor patches. Maybe a new 5-man or some new hardmodes for ICC. At the least there will be 4.0 and the total lack of any semblance of balance for the weeks or so until the expansion. That's always fun.

  2. I do that myself. Blank out and begin thinking about how odd a particular word is. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy...what a crazy word that is....sorry. I don't raid, but some day when I grow up I will and then I'll feel your pain. For the gnomes!!!! (just thought I'd support your unhealthy love of the little guys...) :)

  3. /kicks the sand from his boots.
    /drops his pack for a moment.

    Cannot resist talking trash about the kilt, eh plant-girl? I suppose you figured you were safe because I was gone? I found a connection, if only for a moment. You evil will NOT go unchecked... ;)

    Seriously, I miss you all. I am sorry my absence is throwing up a road-block. I will be home soon enough, and then together you and I shall keep The Left Claw up through unimaginable damage yet again.

    Oh, and tell Jess that just because she is surrounded by totems does not mean that she is the center of attention. School her appropriately, O Foliaged One.

    /Picks his pack back up and shoulders it.

    Time to go. Give my warm regards to the rest of the tribe, won't you?