Wednesday, January 13, 2010

When work and WOW collide

Things have been pretty busy with me at work and thus work has been on my mind a lot lately. Three things I wanted to share around work and WOW.

1. WOW in the Workplace
I think that gaming is becoming more and more commonplace and hopefully the stereotype of gamers is slowly turning around. But how open are you about the fact that you play WOW? How would you feel about all of your colleagues and co-workers knowing about it?

I ask because I have had a number of meetings with someone who is a director level person at their organization. The first thing that I noticed when I stepped into this person's office is a huge huge map of Azeroth on their wall. At first my reaction was, OMG! But then I had to give this person props for putting their gaming allegiance out there so openly. Have you encountered anything similar at work? Could you be so open about your gaming?

2. Career change?
I got an email from an old business school classmate of mine a couple weeks ago. She emailed me because she thought of me when a recruiter contacted her for an open job position. Some excerpts from this job description:

* opportunity with one of the leading gaming studios that is gearing up for the US launch a version of a game that was incredibly popular in Korea
* participate in the developing of a ground-breaking game while serving as an international liaison between the Seoul headquarters and the Seattle studio from a business perspective
* work hand-in-hand with the content and localization teams as they perfect and tweak the user experience in the game
* a passion for the video-gaming arena will be crucial, as this will make the job tremendously more enjoyable

Some digging around has made me believe that this position is for the MMO Tera from Bluehole Studio. Wow, so what an opportunity, huh? Is this my opportunity to get out of the healthcare industry and get into gaming?

Well, there's one more piece. They are looking for someone completely fluent in English and Korean, with experience as a professional translator. D'oh! While I am fluent in Korean, my Korean isn't to the level where I could be a professional translator. Oh well. There's plenty of work to do in the crazy healthcare industry anyway, though it was fun to think for a second what it would be like to work for an MMO.

3. Gaming resume

From SideQuesting, the most awesome resume I think I have ever seen! An artist/designer wrote their resume to read like a character profile:


  1. I played WoW alot back in the day, and back in 2005 I joined a company called FTD ( ya know flowers) Well I discovered a bunch of them played WoW, and even the supervisor did. It was purely awesome we had an awesome raiding guild on Thunderlord. Though we eventually went our seperate ways I still keep in touch with them, and still fondly remember those memories. I think if it wasn't for WoW I wouldn't have gotten as close to these people if I didn't play.

  2. I am a closet player for sure. My closest friends and family know, but beyond that I do not let my horde flag fly! As far as the job, I would try anyway. You are assuming that your Korean is not good enough, but their definition of "good enough" may be different from yours. Couldn't hurt. Worst that could happen is they say no. BTW I'm in the healthcare field too, so I hate to encourage someone to leave, but it sounds very cool!

  3. Actually, I've been thinking about this lately. I started a new job last week and the first thing I did was look for a WoW wallpaper :D I am not-so-secretly hoping someone will notice it and come chat... so far I haven't been able to meet a lot of people in the company, despite working in an open space. I think it would be awesome to discover the big boss is a player! (although highly unlikely with my management)

  4. @River: That sounds like a pretty fun work environment!

    @Eversor: I'm the same as you... my closest friends and family know, but no one at work.

    @Jen: Aw, what a fun idea to see if you find any closet wow playing co-workers!