Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For the Migets!

Sometimes you get good pugs. Sometimes you get bad pugs. Sometimes you get pugs so bad, or so good depending on your point of view, that they become epic.

Let's step back. The other night we had 8 folks on and were working on trying to gear up some alts. So we did a quick VOA, with a number of people filling new roles. We then decided to go to Onyxia but decided that to speed things up a bit, that we would pick up two pugs.

This was how we had the pleasure of meeting the epic DK, Lichkingtwo. I would normally black out the name since I am not calling him out on asshattery or anything, but I think you need to know his name in order to get the true flavor of what transpired.

We quickly learned that Lichkingtwo was quite a fan of midgets, fully dedicating himself to the cause of our short statured friends. My-gets? Huh? So, he (I am totally betting he was a 8 year old kid) apparently hasn't quite yet learned that there is a letter "d" in the word and much hilarity from the guild ensued in chat and over vent. My-gets! My-gets!

When T-baby yelled "For the Migets" just as we were running into the boss, everyone cracked up. I laughed the hardest I had in a long long time. But then it got even better. When Onyxia was airborne, this DK whipped out his air rifle, the gift from Winter's Veil and yes, I kid you not, started pelting Ony.

And you thought we were cracking up before? Holy crap, we were now damn right hysterical. Just hysterical. Let's look at the air rifle quickly, shall we?

It all became too much for poor T-baby.

We gave him the axe off Onyxia, because I think a number of us started to feel kind of bad for the kid. He was quite excited, which was very cute.

So thank you Lichkingtwo for providing the most entertaining raid we've had in a long time. Heck, I'm sure very soon we won't even remember last week's raid in Icecrown (damn you Saurfang! Drop the staff!). But I know that I will fondly remember "For the migets" and "Eat my air rifle Onyxia" for a long long time.


  1. This is how guild names are born.

  2. Oh man! That is classic!

    Thanks for sharing! It totally made my morning!

  3. oh, that was SO funny and brought a smile to my face... why cant we get people that funny in our Ony pugs? :)

  4. I know! Its was just so classic. I don't even know how someone would think of pelting Ony with the air rifle.

    You're a DK and the whelps and elite adds need to be taken down... and you think to yourself: "Self, I think I'll use my air rifle on Ony"?!?!

  5. Oh my god, I laughed so hard at this I nearly spilled tea of my keyboard. For the Migets!!!

    Also I can't tell if he was an eight year old or some subtle kung-fu master of the art of irony =P