Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Does every guild have their Alice?

This is the blog post that my fellow guildies have been waiting a long long time for. So while I was not blogging for a bit last week, Nio told me to get back to blogging. Be careful what you wish for Mr. Hunter, be careful what you wish for. Because today I'd like to introduce the entire intraweb to our hunter, Niobar.

First I'd like to mention that we called Niobar, Nio (pronounced Nee-oh) for months and months (when did voice go live on WOW again?). Then a couple of weeks ago we were on vent, and Nio called himself Nio (pronounced Nigh-oh). We were like, what in the world? Ok so I've done a post before about others pronouncing your name differently from what you think it is. But here was Nio, not saying a single word for months and months! It was decided that unfortunately for him, the time to correct the pronounciation had come and gone. Thus, he is Nee-oh.

Now Nio serves several roles in our guild. He is our HR director, seemingly always bringing in great new folks who match our play style (casual but awesome!) and group chemistry. He is our feign death extraordinaire, as we joke that he has 10 buttons on his action bar tagged to feign death. He is the "master" to his pet Bar. Though I use the word master very loosely here, as we joke that we like Bar better than Nio. (heh) He is our master "sit on a rock and think deep thoughts guy", particularly in Nagrand. For a long time he was always in Nagrand's Elemental Plateau farming motes to craft some set. Even though he's done crafting his set, he's still often there... I guess a hunter's deep thinking is never done.

But I think just as important as all these above roles, he has somehow become the red-headed middle child... or the one that the entire guild jokes around with. It started with just our mage Vel. They seemed to have somewhat of a brother-sister type relationship, where they were constantly just cutting on each other. But as Nio has mentioned, the "Vel factor" has seemingly spread across the entire guild, as Nio is now also being ragged on by myself, Atania, Buns, Imdestiny, and Ashratum. Some of the conversations are just hilarious, but I do sometimes feel bad for Nio (emphasis on sometimes... see there is that Vel factor again!) even if other times he brings it on himself. I mean it is all in a joking matter, but given that Nio has some mad dps now we may have to be nicer to him sometimes.

So where did Alice come from? Well I think it was our friend Rapunzel who asked one day how our guild came together. I relayed how when I was but a young nightelf back in the day, I ended up doing a quest with Adamas. He was the first person in game I ever did a quest together with. Eventually he brought me into the guild, where I met Jess and Atania. Wutan started the game a bit after, and I think it was Atania who met Nio through some instance pug. So eventually Nio joined us, and introduced us to Vel and Dest, and also brought in Buns. Now after I relayed this story, Rap says "And that's how you became the Brady Bunch!"

So then we started joking around with who would be which character from the show. I mentioned that Adamas would be cousin Oliver, because Adamas isn't technically in the Left Claw (though his hunter Ricochet is). So Adamas is family, and the blood that runs through his big bear ass is definitely left claw blood, but he's still technically a cousin. Then I said Nio would definitely be Alice. Why? Because his dry and self-deprecating sense of humor are often met with "Oh Alice!" type responses. This is where I previously mentioned that he often brings it on himself.

So tell me, does your guild have your own Alice?


  1. Heh heh. Nio's failure to correct our pronunciation of his name cost him his life once. When we do Illhoof we call over vent when someone getting sacrificed so that the healers know who to target. Well it happened to Nio but he used his pronunciation rather than the one we'd all be using. This confused the healers just long enough so that he couldn't get enough heals to survive the sacrifice before we got the chains off.

    I asked Keredria who I would be. She said Marcia. I'm not sure what to think of that.

  2. Here is hoping for NO additional comments to this particular blog....

  3. Here's hoping for NO additional comments to this particular blog....

  4. Here's hoping for NO additional comments to this particular blog....

  5. Don't ask me how that happened three times...sigh

  6. I was going to say Nio... those are some awfully quick fingers. Are those the same fingers that feign death so quickly?

    Oh and Buns would definitely be Cindy. Too cute.

  7. Oh, something else I forgot to point out about Nio.

    In our guild, "pulling a Nio" refers to the act of replying or commenting on something 10-15 minutes later.

  8. My willpower not to insult Nio has lifted... I made a song about him; ala Jess (but keep in mind I have toddlers... so this is to "Old McDonald") and it's long... you'd be surprised how much material Nio can provide...


    There was a hunter with with pig by the name of Spud
    He laid a trap but we all wiped; 'cause it was a dud
    With a a feign death here and a feign death there
    Here a trap there a shot. Wait? another feign death?
    This old hunter has a name; it's nee-o not nigh-o

    There was a hunter with a cat by the name of Bar
    Changed his spec and we are glad his DPS's on par
    With Atania's stab and the mage's flame.
    Here a trap there a shot; ugh... another feign death...
    This old hunter has a name; it's nee-o not nigh-o

    There is a hunter in Nagrand that sits upon a rock
    He gets insulted all the time by healers, mage and 'lock
    With a "haha" here and a "haha" there
    Here we laugh; there he goes yep... another feign death...
    This old hunter has a name; it's nee-o not nigh-o

    There is a hunter in our raid who's always got to go
    What he really does on his "potty breaks"; I don't think I want to know
    With a potty here and a potty there
    Here a "wait" there a "sec"; seriously how much did you drink?
    This old hunter has a name; it's nee-o not nigh-o

    Our hunter is like Alice from the Brady Bunch
    but if I get all mushy 'bout him I won't hold down my lunch
    So I'll just say; that he's ok
    Here we are; there we grow; Have you noticed?... he's kinda "slow"
    This old hunter has a name; it's neeeee-o not nigh-oooo