Thursday, November 19, 2009

When did this blog turn into trade chat?

I tend to find Chuck Norris trade chat generally annoying, yet sometimes funny. In the spirit of the latter, I share with you:

Blizz should have some pants options in game be jeans. Action jeans.


  1. Are those real or a joke?

    If those are a joke I will feel so used.

  2. Oh Bell, I would never joke about Chuck Norris Action Jeans! I would never disappoint you that way!

    Yes, that is a real ad for the jeans from the 80s.

  3. Uh, ok. How old was that cake K?

  4. @Jess: Please do not mock the action jeans!

    Sigh. Too much work and not enough sleep this week has turned me a bit loopy perhaps.

  5. I love it! - I want a pair..

  6. And he doesn't put the jeans into the boots.... 'cause they feckin' don't belong there!