Friday, November 13, 2009

Druidy quiz!

So you think you can druid, eh? Well, do you think you can match up my recount stats with their respective bosses?

Last night we did a quick run through regular 10 man TOC and Onyxia. There was a slight hiccup where I had somehow put on my entire PVP set (vs just the trinket) for the Faction Champions and then forgot to put back on my PVE gear for the Twins fight. Oops. I realized this about a minute into the Twins fight, to which I ask over vent: "Do you want the bad news now or later Jess?" I had to confess soon after when I ran out of mana and Jess died.

Anyways, the night was 2 healed by myself and our healing pally extraordinaire, Nico. I will also provide hps numbers to help a bit, but two of these recount stats should be an easy give away.

The bosses:
Faction Champions

Fight #1 with 4063 hps:

Fight #2 with 2468 hps:

Fight #3 with 2356 hps:

Fight #4 with 2939 hps:

Fight #5 with 2724 hps:

Fight #6 with 4993 hps:

Any guesses on which recount stats represent which bosses?

The summary here? First, I love Rejuv. Obviously. I am not rocking the T9 4 piece Rejuv bonus yet. I can't even imagine what my numbers will look like then. Second, I also love and use Regrowth and Lifebloom probably a ton more than any of you guys which I've mentioned before on this blog. Third, I do not use Wild Growth and Nourish as much as you guys probably do. I'm definitely trying to use them more, but I don't know... maybe I'm just an old school tree. I would probably also use Wild Growth more if we were running 25 mans.

But I think the big take away here is that there are a ton of different ways to heal as a resto druid. I've healed with other druids who use Nourish and Wild Growth as their top two spells with very similar healing outputs as myself. I think this versatility is a part of what I love about our class!


  1. I'll take a shot :)

    1. Anub
    2. Onyxia
    3. Lord Jar
    4. Northrend Beasts
    5. Faction Champs
    6. Valkyries

  2. Yeah #1 is obvious, even to a dumb tank, given that it recorded Leeching Swarm.

  3. Hmmmm.... I'm having a tough time with this. Especially since the colors keep changing! in one, green is regrowth, in another, green is LB, in another, green is WG. Bah!

    I will say number 3 is Onyxia, because there is stone and fire in the background =P

    I'd say number 6 = the twins, because there's a lot of rejuv/WG action going on there, which is what I use aaaall the time on that fight, because of all the aoe damage going out.

    #2 and #4 are really similar, but it looks like #4 is a longer fight, simply because of the amount of heals that went out. Hm.

    I would say #4 is Beasts, because that's a long fight. And #2... maybe Jarraxus?

    So that leaves 1 and 5 for Anub and Champs. I personally use a lot of LB in phase three of Anub, so I think maybe number 1 is Anub. Which leaves 5 as faction champs!


    1. Anub
    2. Jarraxus
    3. Onyxia
    4. Northrend Beasts
    5. Champs
    6. Twins

    Did I get it right? Gold star?! Do I win a prize? OMG! ./suspense

  4. Oh, lol, I didn't even notice leeching swarm. ./facepalm

    But I got it right anyway!

  5. @Jess: Ya I should come up with some scale corresponding to how many you get correct. Getting 1 correct would be like: 'Wow you are as smart as a tank'

    @Averna: Heehee, you are so cute. The suspense, it kills you, no?

  6. "So you think you can druid?"

    No...No I can't

  7. are my guesses:

    1) Anub - Lifeleach gave you away =)
    2) Jarraxus
    3) Ony - Um...because the background looks like her cave, and is the only one of the 6 that is different ;) Of could all be a trick!
    4) Champs
    5) Beasts - This one, with it's hight lifebloom use and regrowth would seem to indicate lots of tank healing, which is consistant with this fight.
    6) Twins - this is your highest HPS fight, and the only one where you use rejuv and wild growth almost exclusively, which is conducive to healing the heave raid AE damage in this encounter.

    I will say that I'm fairly confident on all of them save 2 and 4. I was looking for a parse that had nourish and swiftmend used more, as that are the two spells I use frequently for incinerate flesh...but none of your parses really fit that! So I went with Jarraxxus as 2 because it had more nourish and swiftmend than parse 4 did!

    Can't wait to see how I did!

  8. Actually...after looking at my answers again, I'd like to reverse my responses to 2 and 4.

    I think 4 is Jarraxxus and 2 is champs.

    How on earth I missed 22 casts of nourish in parse 4 in my first look is beyond me! =) answers are:
    1) Anub
    2) Champs
    3) Ony
    4) Big J
    5) Beasts
    6) Twins

  9. 6. is the twins aside from that I wouldn't know as you heal wayyyy dif then me. I crit heal and seldom spam HoTs, on the raid aside from Rejuve. On twins I norm hit 6.5-7k hps perhaps a little on the over healing side but I don’t like red. We always two heal 10 mans now and it’s really fun. Even in 25s when I am with our other main healer we don't say a word, we know what to do which you had previously posted on. I utilize the swiftmend much more as I norm just keep focus one of the tanks in focus. If I had to guess the others…

    1= Anub
    2= Champs
    3= Ony
    4= Beasts
    5= Jarr
    6= Twins

    Although the backround on #3 looks like Ony’s lair but norm I would have said #1 was Ony as you would have lifebloomed the hell out of the MT unless you nurish…

    Plz let me know x out of 6

  10. I must be tired my engrish there failed

  11. You know, sometimes I get sad. I see so many healing options for druids and priests, and I look at my two-and-a-half healing spells (Holy shock is on a six second cooldown). I begin to wonder why I haven't rolled a "real" healing class yet.

    Then I Holy Light bomb the raid while keeping Jessika/Wutan/Qyburn up, and I feel so much better. Versatile? No. Powerful? Oh yes, my pretties... oh yes.

    Paladin healing = the sledgehammer of WoW healing. Subtle as a jackhammer, baby...

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