Thursday, November 5, 2009

Homecoming and Druidy books?

I am heading home to Chapel Hill, NC today, which also happens to be where I went to college (Go Heels!). I am meeting up with my three best friends for an extended weekend. The four of us lived together our senior year and this will be our first time that all four of us are back in Chapel Hill for Homecoming.

Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back of former residents and alumni of a university, college, or high school. Do they have something like homecoming in other countries? I'm not sure.

Anyways, where would K's home be in WOW? Moonglade? Darnassus? I would probably say her home is Darnassus, but honestly I am never there anymore. Why? Well I think Darnassus' bank and AH are just too far from each other. I prefer IF where I can run back and forth between the two quickly and easily.

I think Jess still spends a decent amount of time in Darnassus and often notes how empty Darnassus is. So what would be a good way to get folks back there? My suggestion? Create an achievement and subsequent pet reward like this achievement.

We all know how crazy WOW players are about vanity pets. So what if they came up with a bunch of druid related books that folks have to search Darnassus for, with a reward of some druidy pet? Well, we already have the Teldrassil Sproutling pet... how about a bebeh moonkin pet?

I'm sure they could come up with some amusing "trash" books with druid themes/subjects just like the magey books they have in Dalaran. Have you ever read these books? They're actually pretty funny.

To Do Today includes:

So You Think You Can Cast:
Frequently Asked Questions from First-time Mages:

Q: I'm having trouble casting any spells at all. What can I do?

A: You may be suffering from dehydration. If you're having trouble casting a spell that you know you know, try drinking a glass of water! Proper hydration is critical to effective spellcasting.

Polymorphic Rules and Regulations includes such tips as:

Rule# 3: Polymorphic debaucheries are to be disposed of in a timely and DISCREET manner - The Public need not bear witness to the horrendous abominations wrought from a botched polymorph. Accidents happen, and the Kirin'Tor understands this. However public viewing of creatures like the Were-Whale, Mur-Elf, Amphibious Worgen, Flying Ooze, Grypho-Hippo-Wyvern, Qiraji Bunny, and the infamous "Blue-Checkered Cube" give us all a bad reputation.

A Memorandum on Proper Portal Usage includes such guidlines as:

Rule #3: Never force or trick anyone to go through a portal. Not only is this a great way to lose repeat customers, it's also incredibly dangerous (See Rule #2).

Rule #6: Standard Portal dimensions are 3 yards, 1 foot, and 3/4 inches tall, 2 yards, 8 feet, 9 and 15/16 inches wide. Double-wide portal creation requires Special Issue License G-16, and is commonly issued to mages with a clean portal record of 8 years or more. Speak with your local Portal Trainer about qualifying for this license.

Hahaha. There are a bunch more, see all the possible trash books here. Could they do something simliar in Exodar? I don't think anyone is there anymore either.


Post edited for Daniel (taken on campus after we won it all this past April):


  1. if blizz did such achievements with druid related books, i would suggest having them in moonglade since that is the official druid town, and have the books written by Alamo and maybe even have malfurion's journal. or even better, ask druid bloggers to write the books! :P

  2. I have a "bebeh" tree for my resto spec. A bebeh moonkin would be EPIC! Especially if, like the Teldrassil Sproutling, it had a dance animation.
    Oh and have fun in the town where firetrucks are the wrong color. =P

  3. Oh my gosh!! I want a bebeh moonkin!

  4. @Adeanna: Awesome idea about having druid bloggers write the books! You hear that Blizz? Huh?

    @Daniel: Picture added to end of post just for you. :)

    @Rappie: I know! A bebeh moonkin! And one that would dance just like Daniel suggests! /squee

  5. Ah, a Onyxia 25 PuG is a nice place to use your lesser used portal spells... like Exodar and Darnassus.

    Especially if you're the only mage :D

  6. I do like Darnassus. It does feel like home and Jess identifies strongly with anything Night Elvish, and it's absolutely beautiful. But on Makawee (a Draenei) I often will go to Exodar. I'm a closet RPer.

    A baby boomkin would be very cute. I want a Teldrassil Sproutling, but I'm afraid it would try to tell me what to do.

  7. @simply mod: You naughty mages... I think Vel once "accidently" ported us somewhere random...

    @Jess: First of all bossy trees FTW. Second of all don't lie, you know you love it.