Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Going for the gold cap

Guildies or friends in game will sometimes mention how I don't really have any alts. This is true. But you know what? I have a confession of sorts, one that some guildies know about but that which I've never talked about on this blog. I have an inscriptionist alt that is going for the gold cap. Yes, my friends, I have and continue to be part of the crazy glyph world.

I leveled a DK alt specifically for this purpose a while back, before dual specs went live. I chose a DK so she could level quickly to 65 to max out in inscription. Initially, K just farmed all the herbs for this alt to mill, but serious inscriptionists today know its more worth your while to buy the herbs cheap off the AH when available rather than farming them (time is money friends). An amusing side note from inscription is that it has definitely broadened my knowledge of other classes abilities. When someone talks about some skill or talent, while before I wouldn't have even recognized it, now I'm like "Oh, yeah! I sell that glyph all the time!"

While I don't have any other level 80 alts, I would definitely consider this whole money making business a form of alt-ing, though for inscription you don't have to spend a lot of time to make gold. Anyways, I'm not hard core into it all the time. I could definitely be spending more time on selling my glyphs plus making money via alchemy, which yes, isn't as good as inscription, but is decent. My intensity in the gold making business does have peaks and valleys. But I do get into the competitive factor of the whole inscription market, as competitors come in and out of the market.

So why am I doing this? I don't know... I guess its a pretty crazy goal for someone to reach in game. But I do want to achieve my goal of the 214,748g gold cap amount. I've thought before about what I should do with all the gold once I reach the cap. Come up with some crazy schemes or bribes for my guildies? Give some out randomly and see what folks will do for WOW gold? Hmmm the possibilities...

Anyone else a crazy inscriptionist? Are you going for the gold cap?


  1. I do inscription and have made lots of gold from it. Recently (following the MMO champion guide) there has been agressive re-posting on my server and while I do have the most glyphs for sale at a time (in the region of 600) I am winding up and selling off my stocks.

    I got to 100k, have a mammoth, a motorbike, all the latest crafted gear and everything I could want really, so I recently became less obsessive and stopped re-posting 4 times a day.

    I decided that I have enough and I can't be bothered spending so much time on it, so only post once a day now and am not crafting any more (until Icecrown, when I might go back to it).

    I am dabbling in the Wolf books though, just to see the "A buyer had been found for your auction" messages when I spam trade :)

    Good luck with your goal though ;)

  2. @Sephrenia: Yeah, I definitely go through times when I repost a lot, then others when I give it a break for a couple days. Thanks goodness for quickauctions2. :) I'm hoping my motivation to keep at it will increase as I get closer to the cap.

    That little yellow line, a buyer has been found for your auction... so addicting, no?

  3. I also am a Scribe. But, as I also suffer from Alt-itis, I won't hit the gold cap soon. I spend it as fast as I make it - which is fine, because my goal is to make enough money to raid my main and outfit my alts with the LEAST amount of farming/crafting possible.

    It's really fabulous to do the RAF program, and hit 60 to have money sitting in the bank ready for all my skill learning, dual spec, even flying mounts.

    My server also saw a spate of crazy little reposters for about 3 weeks after the MMO posts. I just stopped posting and let them run out of money. We're now getting back to normal.

  4. Well if I hadn't went on so many spending sprees I figure I would have hit the gold cap close to 2 times already. I stopped posting glyphs just because on my server there are 3 or 4 die hard people that moved into my market I had cornered before I took a wow break and I pretty much am undercut within an hour of posting. I just got bored playing that game and I have over 130k gold now so i'm not hurting.

  5. @Kulat and Mark: Yep, there has been a good influx of new scribes on my server as well... though strangely enough we also had some long time sellers leave the market. Perhaps they already reached the gold cap.

    Perhaps these new sellers will fade out soon?