Monday, November 16, 2009

Druidy Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to my druidy quiz. I meant to do this post over the weekend, so as to lessen Averna's suspense a bit. Sorries!

So the two that I thought were obvious ones were Anub with the leeching swarm, and Onyxia because I took the SS inside her lair. Oops. :)

Fight #1 with 4063 hps: Anub

I think Averna got it right on with pointing out a lot of lifebloom usage during Phase 3.

Fight #2 with 2468 hps: Faction Champions

I think other than Onyxia, the Champions might have been guessable because of the lowest hps because I was cycloning and rooting a bit as well.

Fight #3 with 2356 hps: Onyxia

Hmmm, other than Anub, this was the fight with the second highest use of Lifebloom. Huh. Interesting.

Fight #4 with 2939 hps: Beasts

Fight #5 with 2724 hps: Jarraxus

I had the highest use of Regrowth on Jarraxus. Hmmm. Well I do know that I usually throw a Regrowth on someone when they get Legion Flame but yeah, I totally thought I used Nourish more here.

Fight #6 with 4993 hps: Twins

I think this was easy given the highest hps and the most use of Rejuv and Wild Growth.

And the winner is... (drum roll please) Gargen! And yes Gargen, I totally thought I used Swiftmend more than I actually do. The prize? As Averna suggested, a gold star and I shall award you the title 'Tree of the day'.

Now considering this was 10 man regular TOC, I think some of my healing may be affected by the fact that this is pretty easy for us. But what kinda heals did I throw out for Heroic Beasts? I did 4120 hps with these spells:

1. Rejuv = 29.2%
2. Nourish = 20.4%
3. Lifebloom =18.3%
4. Regrowth = 17.3%
5. Wild Growth = 10.4%
6. Swiftmend = 4.4%

A bit different than Fight #4 above. Hmmm so when its a bit more difficult, it looks like I use Nourish more. Huh. Interesting.

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  1. I am a boomkin first, but I like the title, 'Tree of the Day.'