Monday, November 23, 2009

Points of view in a raid

Check out this pic below depicting how people with different points of view may look at a water glass.

How would these different points of view translate to a raid? Perhaps a raid that is struggling or wiping on a specific encounter?

Optimist: We are clearly making progress! We're getting better!
Pessimist: OMG how can we be so terribad? We suck.
Realist: This raid group cannot complete this encounter at this point in time.
Idealist: One day soon we will work together in perfect harmony and take down this boss.
Capitalist: I'm just here for the loot.
Communist: We are all equally to blame for this fail.
Conspiracist: Blizz made this boss harder because they are trying to extend the period of time we have to wait for Icecrown.
Sexist: We can't do hard mode X with these terrible girls in raid.
Nihilist: We shouldn't get so upset over computer pixels.
Opportunist: This sucks, but at least this is good blog post material.

I think part of what complicates raiding is that you are bringing together 10 or 25 different people with distinctly different ways of looking at things. I think even in any normal guild, these different points of view can cause a bit of drama or angst. Perhaps if guild/raid leaders can recognize this, and think about what point of view their specific raiders may hold, it may help them better understand any sort of drama that may come up.

Anyways, bloggers... opportunists? Us? Nowai! ;)


  1. What does it make me if I look at a glass half-full/empty and think to myself that either we need to down the boss quickly or somebody will need to innervate the glass?

  2. It makes you look like your druid has educated you well :p

  3. @Jess: Haha. Maybe part optimist, part realist?

    @Simply Mod: Yes, with much training and patience, these tanks can be educated!

  4. I don't know what I am, but why don't you make me a sandwich while I think about it, honeybun.


  5. So why is it that I look at it and think, "this glass is half full. RUN IN AND WHACK IT UNTIL IT GETS AT LEAST 2/3 FULL!!!"?

    Stupid Holy Paladin thinking...

  6. Is there such a word blogortunist becuase I think you just invested it!! I am *such* a blogortunist - in fact, I don't know how people without blogs stay sane during WoW at all. Because whenever something bewildering, horrid, or just plain stupid happens to me I'm always thinking "well, at least I can blog about" which makes it feel like something other than a demoralising waste of my time.

  7. @Riv: Hush, you!

    @Nico: Haha, silly holy pally. Back to your corner you dress (er, kilt) wearing pally boy!

    @Tamarind: Hee hee, blogortunists. :)

  8. Now now, K... don't be jealous. Just because I am bringing sexy back with mah kilt doesn't mean you can unload hate on me plant girl.