Wednesday, November 4, 2009

After the worms

I really had no idea what I was starting when I posted on Monday. At times I think about and draft a post for a really long time, whereas other times I just see something and instinctively post about it immediately. This post on Monday was of the latter variety. It's crazy that the comments on the post got to such a drama level that it was compared to the WOW Forums. It amuses and at the same time sorta saddens me and that that post is now my post with the most comments.

The last two nights have been funny within the guild when I've logged on. I think Vel's first words to me were something like "Uh, post any controversial posts lately K"? And Jess and Vel have amused themselves by creating guild messages of the day related to all of this. I told Rappie to kick out Nkm (sorries Nkm!), since I may need a ride in the Indipoose.

In a funny way though, I think some fellow guildies, ingame friends, and bloggers were more pissed about some of the comments than I was. Some of you got real heated! :) I will say though that I was surprised by how personal appearances and sexual references were brought up.

Beruthiel posted a great post on her blog with tips on how to dissent, tips which I probably should have read before posting some of my responding comments. Maybe it wasn't very mature of me to have used the phrase "sausage party" in one of my comments? Hmmm... though Beru's always been way more mature than me anyways.

At the end of the day, I do agree that such guilds have a right to exist and recruit however they want. But I stand by my original opinion that such policies are based on bullshit notions of women not being able to play at the top levels and that the drama created by the behavior of inappropriate and less than mature men when amongst women lies in a problem with such men, not the women.

Bell made a great point (damn us trees are smart) that "neither side is really going to be convinced of anything. The debate has been going on too long, and it's not really even a debate; you have to have the possibility of change for a real debate to occur. It's just people firmly entrenched on "their side" trying to convince someone they're wrong". I don't regret my post and starting this discussion, but do we just agree to disagree? Or is that just too simple a way out? I'm not sure.

A lot of you left very thoughtful comments and I wanted to thank you for them. I don't think I responded to them as thoroughly as I could have because I was too occupied responding to the other comments. But I definitely read, thought about, and appreciated all of them.

Now back to your regularly scheduled silliness and randomness and druidness and whatever else this blog is about!


  1. I don't think you, or any other blogger should censor what they say to their viewers. We have as much a right as people that comment to voice our opinions, but people have it in their head that we are somehow proper at polite little people that sit behind a screen all day.

    As to convincing the other side of your opinion? I would say that, for the most part people have reasons that stem from personal experiences and nothing anyone can say will be able to change how they perceived that event. Sure, they might start to see your side, but I doubt they would fully agree.

    Have fun with the wall o' text!

  2. @Glory: Yeah, we both well know that proper and polite definitely do not describe us bloggers, right? ;)

  3. Proper and polite are not something we do well
    I think as long as we aren't down right mean people shouldn't care.I always view our sarcasm and wit as our personaliies, and they just entertain me. Because what else do we really read, or blog for other than that?

  4. "I've also had more scary addresses pop up, including the FBI and IRS."

    If I look at ur blog from work you might be scared because I am assigned a random ip adress everyday when I log in to my work... If you can track it they will hire you...

    Sry if we scared you. Some refer to me as 'they,' 'them,' 'the system,' or even 'the man'

    There are several of us here who enjoy our MMORPGs, and the skills we have developed from them might have helped us become the who we are today. Ppl shouldn't look down on gamers or jump to judge so quickly.


  5. @Gargen: Thx... us gamers seriously kick ass. :)