Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yep, I'm still here...

The reason for the lack of posts lately? Well I had a pretty crazy couple of days at work, then headed home for the turkey eating holidays. I've also had some computer issues lately as well. I swear... computers hate me.

But I think another reason may be the fact that I have felt a little meh about WOW lately. I know what in the world right? Tons of bloggers are writing about all this cool new Lich King stuff, and I'm feeling meh? I definitely agree that its a great expansion with tons of new stuff. I don't know if my meh comes from overdoing it when it first came out, or if its just too overwhelming with seemingly endless things to get done. But lately it has felt in a way like work for me.... is leveling to 80 like work so you can raid at level 80?

Who knows... maybe I've had too much turkey and its affected my judgment.


  1. It's not the turkey, I'm having the same problem. Better on my druid, but my hunter alt, whom I adore, i just. can't. get. going.

  2. I haven't been finding this at all. The quests have been really good. So much more story based. Sometimes I feel like I am playing a single player game. I find that I want to do the quests less for the xp and more so that I can find out what happens next. They have put the fun back into the game.

  3. I leveled quite fast and when I hit 80 I was tired... levelling is harder than farming I think, and just because you can farm anything doesn't mean you are good at leveling.

    Personally the thing I just hate is having bad gear and don't know that much on everything... I know where to farm specific herbs now, but I'm not really sure where to farm buff-food. I know what item-stats I would like but I don't know where specific items drop - it's just feeling like you have started WoW 2 months ago or something like that.

  4. To avoid this I am taking my time, exploring each zone to the fullest before heading on. No rush.

    There are some great quest lines in each zone, which you'd miss otherwise.

    In short, just have fun, don't focus on the leveling, it'll happen as you play.

  5. I agree with the other comments here. In my guild, we have 3 80's already (one of whom is a Death Knight) and several others getting close, but I'm perfectly content at lvl 73, reading the quest texts, not role-playing exactly, but still trying to get into the story. There's just so much of it in Wrath, and I don't want to miss it just so I can get to 80 and play with the big boys.

    It's a game. If you aren't having fun, take a break. It'll be here when you get back.

  6. I've had to push myself to get going and level something to 80. I admit, I'm tiring out. Usually I can log in early, right when I get that first cup of coffee, watching news and starting off wherever I left off at 2am before crashing.

    Now, I think I never log in for a few hours after waking up. I've gone through two movies this morning before curling up on the couch with the laptop and going at it. In fact, I'm making this post before logging in.

    Maybe when I work on my priest or my druid I'll take my time and have fun leveling. Take a month or so, not be pushed to a few weeks with a character that is only level 55.

    So it's not just the turkey or just you, after raiding for so long and getting four 70s out of spite to catch up with the boyfriend, it's just tiring to have to think "oh god I gotta level again".

  7. Thanks to all who commented.

    It's not that it's not fun at all anymore, just that lately it feels sort of like a responsibility. It's kinda hard to explain... But that's why I said it feels like work sometimes. I love my reallife job, but it's still work you know?

    I also tend to be an all or nothing kinda person.That may also have something to do with it. Anyways glad to see I'm not the only one feeling this way, whatever this feeling exactly is.

  8. I think I know what you mean. I tend to find myself feeling behind a lot (might have something to do with switching mains every few months...) and "I wanna do X" can slip into "I gotta do X" pretty easily. Which is a lot less fun.

    So, give yourself explicit permission to do something enjoyable. Read a book, climb a tree, play the drums, whatever floats your boat. Or do something in-game other than leveling, like fishing for coins. Them quest-givers is a patient bunch - they'll keep waiting until you feel like talking to them.

  9. So here is my approach when new expansions come out....I occasionally go into total immersion mode....I turn off the lights in my computer room....put on my headset....turn up just the ambient noises....turning off the music and chat channels for the most part (I do still take whispers from my closest friends of course) and explore a zone about four or five levels above my toon...there is always a constant feeling of danger during the exploration....and its the most fun I have in the doesn't level you very fast....(like at all)...but...its as close to actually being "in" the game as I can get....

    My two cents

  10. I think you just need to slow down. Perhaps mabye you have been burnt out it happens!When it starts feeling like a job thats when you know.

    Take a break.. do what ratshag suggested! Go climb a tree, read a book(thats a very good idea),go cook,listen to music and surf the web.. the list can go on!

    Just take a break, and i have no idea if other people in your guild are leveling fast or not but dont feel pressured. Level at YOUR pace not theirs!

    Good luck