Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting my mammoth in Dalaran

Over the weekend, we were able to port a bunch of us to Dalaran by having our mage Vel queue us into AV from Dalaran, then all leaving the battleground. It was Jessika's idea. I thought warriors had no intellect? However warriors do get rage, as does happen when guildies level faster than them. And this is what happens when said warriors are also guild leaders.

Anyways, so once we got to Dalaran I was finally presented with the issue of whether or not to get the mammoth. I stewed over it a day or so, then finally got it with Vel. Here is the two of us causing havoc in the streets of Dalaran.

Quick thoughts on the mammoth. #1: Having paid as much as we did for the mount, my own repair guy should repair me at a discount. #2: The repair guy and vendor should buy back more than just one page of stuff. When you're out questing, and wanting to do long runs, one page of stuff to sell back fills up quickly. #3: The mammoth is not a smooth ride. Its kinda too jumpy and jostly for my taste. I will probably only call him up when I need him, and stick to my swift kitty to get around smoothly.

Back to Dalaran thoughts... what a neat city! I love the new additions such as the toymaker and the stable where you can buy fun things for your vanity pets. Let me just also say that Dalaran is a dangerous dangerous place for those who fish. Exhibit A: The fountain.

Dalaran is apparently also a dangerous place for mages. Watch out Vel.

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