Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Signs you have a WOW spouse

Last week I saw this article online about having a work spouse. Inspired from this list, here are some signs that you might have a WOW spouse.

1. You and your WOW spouse regularly share mats or food buffs.

2. There are inside jokes that you and your WOW spouse share. You and your WOW spouse may also joke and kid around by giving each other a hard time about certain things.

3. You can be bluntly honest with each other about raid performance, gear choice, or whatever. You're comfortable enough to point things out and ask what the heck they think they're doing.

4. When something eventful happens in an raid, your WOW spouse is the first person you start whispering frantically. Or over vent in a raid, one WOW spouse may yell to the other to do something, to which the other responds, "Geez, I'm doing it already!".

5. Your WOW spouse knows exactly what type of elixirs, potions, or flasks you consume.

6. You can finish each other's sentences over vent or find that you are thinking the same things at the same time.

7. Your WOW spouse knows almost as much or more about your real life as your best friend or real life spouse does.

8. You and your WOW spouse may have disagreements or minor spats. But you know these spats aren't the end of the relationship, spouses are bound to disagree at times! The WOW wife then waits for the WOW husband to come back with flowers and apologies. :)

9. No one else knows how to push your buttons or guilt trip you as well as your WOW spouse.

10. Your friends and your real life spouse know about your WOW spouse.


  1. 10. You feel concerned, empty, and even a bit jealous if WoW spouse doesn't come online Monday night.

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  3. Please post on the guild bulletin board that Nio is looking for a "wow spouse"....compensation and duties are subject to negotiation....:)

  4. lol Jess.

    Nio, who do you think I am? WOWMatch.com or something? :)