Monday, November 17, 2008

Those two A instances in Dragonsblight

Anyone else having a hard time remembering what the heck those two instances in Dragonsblight are called? I'm having a hard time remembering Azjol-Nerub and Ahn'kahet. I wonder what acronym will be established for these two? AN and AK? AZ and AH?

Anyways, we decided to take a peek into these two instances. Blizz did a great job with them! Design wise, it is very impressive. Also nice to see some bosses do some other things.

Azjol-Nerub is rated 72-74, but was pretty easy for us, and that was with 5 level 71s. We were a little concerned whether we'd have nightmares about all the creepy bugs in the place. We only wiped on the trash leading up to the first boss. I picked up Life-Staff of the Web Lair Some pics.

Now Ahn'kahet was a bit more difficult, rated at 73-75. However we were able to one shot all of the bosses, except for the third one, Jedoga Shadowseeker. We just were not able to get down the minions before they walked into the circle of light. Thus, Jedoga would be buffed and we'd wipe when she came back down. Because the minions pop out of their bubbles randomly, it was almost luck whether a dps would be near them. It was probably a bit more difficult because we ran with two melee dps. It did seem like everyone's favorite boss in Ahn'kahet was the last one, Herald Volazj who does this funny cloning thing to the party. Anyways, Jedoga, we are coming back for you!

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