Friday, November 14, 2008

Wrath pics

So what does everyone think about Wrath? I think they did a great job with not only having two starting zones, but having the quests in the two starting zones spread out within the zone. So yeah, there was competition for quests, but it wasn't too terrible. A lot of what I needed had fast respawn rates. I was also very impressed with the fact that the server did not crash and that the lag wasn't bad. However apparently Drenden had queues of 400+ folks for a wait of 20+ minutes each during peak times last night. Yuck.

I was doing some questing when BRK and his Gorilladin showed up right next to me and I think his Gorilla tried to steal some of my mobs. I really should have taken a screenshot. So I was doing those quests just west of the boat drop off in the Fjord where you have to defend the town from the invaders. It gets a little crazy there. So with the waves and waves of mobs, I can see how you could accidently tag mobs. Maybe I will forgive his Gorilla. Maybe.

I decided to start in the Howling Fjord. Why? Well, I think its prettier than the tundra, has awesome music, seemed less crowded than Borean Tundra, and most importantly, actually had herbs. Some pics. Here's K watching in horror at a forest fire.

My favorite race of people? The walrus people on the coasts of Dragonblight, Howling Fjord, and Borean Tundra! Seriously... how cute are they?!?! At exalted rep with them you can get a penguin pet named Pengu!

We did both of the beginning instances, Utgarde Keep and The Nexus last night. It was interesting doing the instances blindly, not knowing exactly what the bosses do, but saying "Eh, let's just wing it and figure it out". Our first wipe was on the last boss of the Nexus, the dragon Keristrasza. Everyone has to keep moving just a little bit during this flight so a dot doesn't stack up. Anyways, it was nice to actually finally wipe because all of Utgarde Keep and the rest of The Nexus was incredibly easy. In terms of drops, all of the drops were pretty good, but the gear our group had from badge rewards and ZA were a couple of ticks better. It was kind of nice to know that all of our hard work wouldn't be so quickly replaced with quest reward greens or regular instance blues.

Here we are at the last boss of Utgarde Keep... our first Wrath instance!

I fell in love with the frozen tree wing in the Nexus. Sooo pretty!

Finally, I didn't spend too much time questing on the first day. Why? Because there's work to do, that's why! I am big into professions. Check out where I was in my skills at the end of day one. Issues, I tell ya... issues.

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  1. Very nice screen shots you've taken, man those instances look nice!

    Haven't been to one yet myself, been so busy exploring and questing that I've just haven't had enough time so far.

    I was hoping that current higher end gear wouldn't be immediately replaced, so it's good to see that assumption was correct.