Friday, November 7, 2008

"No, please"

Are any of you fully specced resto druids ever asked to hibernate or root anything in a raid or instance? If its an instance that is much below our level, than maybe. Otherwise I find it very difficult to keep something hibernated while still trying to heal. As a toon in the raid to heal, when I can't heal, peeps die (simple math!) Plus with my spell hit at a whopping zero, hibernating hardly ever sticks anyways. Maybe some of you can keep stuff hibernated and heal and I am being uber noobish.

Last week Jess asked me to hibernate one of the bosses at that Moroes like ZA boss. Anyways, my reaction to Jess' request? "No, please". I explained why it wouldn't work and reminded everyone why it turned into a mess last time. Hey, at least I was polite instead of saying "Hell, no". So if a raid leader asks you to do something that you know won't work? Speak up.... but be polite and explain why. Say "No, please!" or I guess "Please, no!" would work too. :)


  1. Make a focus macro for it.

    1) Get your target assignment and set it to your focus. Depending on your UI, it should display the focus target frame somewhere on your screen.

    2) Open your macros and write:

    /cast [target=focus] Hibernate

    3) Drag macro into your action bar or just keybind it.

    4) For the remainder of the fight, as long as you don't reset your focus target, you'll be able to Hibernate with ease without messing the flow of your normal targeting/healing.

    This works with things like Cyclone and Entangling Roots too.

  2. Thanks Megan. It definitely sounds like it'd be easier!

    But seriously... my hibernate sucks. On trash, ok maybe. But on a boss? It never sticks. They keep waking up. Maybe I'm too loud or something.

  3. I have a macro exactly like that. In fact, I had to keep a target in ZA slept while healing. It was second to last (after the initial kill and the sheep. Don't ask, it was how it worked that night).

    It is just another thing that has to take an amount of concentration from the raid. The sad part is, just move the focus frame close to the raid frame and then you can just hit the keybinding when you happen to see it break loose. The only downside to it is that can't really be in treeform that much.