Sunday, December 14, 2008

Yep, I'm back

Everyone, put away your pruners, saws, axes, and other such items scary to us trees, because this tree is back! I ended up taking a week off from the game. When I did come back, I tried to do so in moderation, which was in part forced due to my new crazy work schedule during the week. So I've been back playing about a week and quickly dinged 80. I didn't expect to ding on the quest turn in, which was done in flight form.

It was nice to be back. It seems though that there is a slight healer shortage of sorts. Did they all go off to some healer conference that I didn't get invited to? Or have they been swayed to the dark side of dps? To which I would say, "Turn away! Come back to the green light of goodness!" Anyways, my friend Paradamarico (my combination of Paradise + Adamas + Ricochet) sent me a cute and funny note while I was still leveling.

It was also nice to come back to giving my tank Jess some good old fashioned healer to tank grief, though I'm sure Vel did just fine in my absence (tag team FTW). But here's what went down in one of my first instances back. Just to set the stage here, Jess had been fury for a while and had just respecced to tank this instance run.

Thus Vel, Dest, and Terrondis were thinking:

Finally, it must have been the first hour or so that I was back and I was questing out in Zul'drak. I had the unfortunate pleasure of coming across a guy who was also trying to get a quest done. Long story short, words were exchanged and threats like "Do you want to take this outside?" were leveled. I'm sure everyone has the story of coming across "that guy" while leveling. I probably didn't handle it the best way (trust me, I could have been a good warrior... rage generation is a breeze sometimes), but what did I do? Well I screenshotted all of his insane, ridiculous, and inappropriate comments, and said "I'll see ya on my blog jackass".

Mature? No. Funny? Kinda. I'm considering posting it on here not necessarily to call him out, but because parts of what he said were so ridiculous, they actually cracked me up. So what do you think? Do I do it?



    It's always nice to read about other people's run-ins with "that guy," having dealt with him so much myself.

  2. I think the reason for healer shortage is all the Death Knights who either try to tank or dps. That makes a shortage of us :)

  3. "Do you remember how to heal quietly?" - ROFL

  4. Welcome back. I love eavesdropping on you and Jess. ;)