Wednesday, December 31, 2008

K's update

Hope everyone has been having a good holidays! I've been doing a bunch of things lately in game with some of this extra time I've had lately. Some updates.

1. Rep
I hit revered with the Oracles, which I wanted to do to get Mysterious Egg. I am hoping it hatches into a pet later this week. I also hit exalted with the Kaluak, so I have my own Pengu! Currently, I am at 44 pets, and am quickly approaching the 50 needed to get the little skunk. Issues I tell ya, issues.

While it doesn't give you a pet, I also hit honored with the dirty minded Sons of Hodir folks (come on, quests like Thrusting the Spear? Blowing the Horn? Polishing the Helm?). So now I have their honored shoulder enchant, which is good enough for now.

Anyways, here's me and Pengu in quiet contemplation. Actually I am bemoaning how difficult it is to find those books in Dalaran for the Higher Learning achievement. Pengu is lending a sympathetic ear.

2. PVP
Now that I'm doing less dailies, I have more time to PVP! Jess says PVP K scares her, to which I can only say, "Rawr!". I've been doing a number of Wintergrasps and have recently become a huge fan of Strand of the Ancients. I guess Strand is the alliance's new AV. While I am sad to see that every AV I've been in lately has been a lopsided mess (about 15 ally to 35+ horde), I am enjoying our new AV, Strand of the Ancients.

My first pvp gear reward of this expansion is Hateful Gladiator's Pendant of Salvation. I am next going for Hateful Gladiator's Cloak of Salvation or Hateful Gladiator's Cloak of Deliverance. I am so overloaded with spirit lately (my spirit to intellect ratio is out of whack), that I am starting to look at mp5. Plus these pieces have such high mp5 stats, with more mp5 than its equivalent spirit amount. Anyways, I believe I will be using both pieces for pve for a while.

3. Gear/instances
We've been running tons of heroics. I picked up a very nice but sad sounding mace, War Mace of Unrequited Love. To go with this, I turned in some emblems of heroism for Handbook of Obscure Remedies and Idol of Lush Moss.

Here's how K is looking now (updated pic to the right). I also had the chance to heal a 10 man Archavon and Obsidian Sanctum. We are planning on doing our first guild Naxx very soon.

4. Random other stuff
I'm still working on getting the fishing achievement and salty title. Getting that rare fish for The One That Didn't Get Away is driving me up the wall. I'm also on track to getting the cooking achievement and chef title, though I still have a bit to go to learn the 45 Northrend recipes. But here is K after having done the Critter Bites achievement with her posse of turkeys.

In running around Dal for the Higher Learning achievement (read 8 books you find in Dalaran which will give you a pet), I came across the City Historian. Seriously... this is how the City Historian dresses?

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  1. I can honestly say that I've never considered the SoH dailys to be dirty...until I read this post.

    I LOL'd. :D