Monday, December 22, 2008

My first commenters, a lippy warrior, and sad sad AV

Nasirah over at Alts Ahoy tagged me for something that has been going around your first commenters on your blog. Well, looking back at my first post, my first ever commenter was the original GM of The Left Claw, Daihiro. I remember when I was thinking about starting this blog, wanting to make sure that D was ok with it since I knew I'd be including stories and shots of guildies. He was very supportive and thought it was a great idea. We haven't seen much of D lately, I believe due to computer issues with running the new expansion. But here's to hoping we see our favorite rogue who falls asleep in instances/raids soon!

My second and third commenters were Phaelia and Kestrel, seasoned blogger extraordinaires. Getting their support and advice was really helpful. My next commenter was our favorite white ponytailed warrior tank Jess, who eventually decided to copy me by starting her own blog.

Speaking of Jess, this warrior has become quite lippy lately:

Finally, I ran AV for the first time since the expansion the other day. I tend to go a long time without doing any, then kind of get into this mood and run a bunch at one time. It may also be affected by what kind of mood I'm in in real life... whether I am feeling stressed and need to get some stress released. As Jess noted:

Long story short, every AV I ran this day was a painful painful butt whooping by the horde. What has happened? Can alliance no longer count on AV like we used to? In one AV I was pleased to see that I probably did more healing than I've ever done in a bg before, but just look at the difference in honor gained. Sad... so sad.


  1. Warriors always tend to put 0/5 in humor.... sad sad story ;)

    Anyways, I somehow only wanted to comment on this post to wish you a merry christmas and stuff like that. I'm not much into those words (cause I don't like saying what everyone else says aswell...) but I really hope you enjoy christmas.

    And I hope to read from you in the next year :D

    Best greetings from Germany.

  2. Thanks Simply Mod! Happy Holidays as well to you!

  3. Heh. This is another reason I prefer to tank. Despite everything she still needs to heal me.

  4. It's great that your GM supported you in blogging. It probably gave you that instant boost to start right up and give it all ya got. Really awesome and I'm sure he still reads! A shame has hasn't been around much, but we can't all have the best computers sadly. Hopefully he'll get back to you all very soon.

    Hope you had a great holiday and are enjoying any extra play time that you get.

    Gotta love those Jess quotes btw. Too funny!