Friday, December 19, 2008

Better late than never, right?

I was going to post this earlier this week, but I've had the work week from hell this week. So as promised, here is my latest interaction with "that guy". From what I hear, "that guy" is quite a hussy... he sure gets around a lot!

So I know I maybe shouldn't have told him to screw off... and I know many others say they don't even bother engaging with these folks. But yeah, I was in quite a mood when this occurred. Well, ok honestly, no one talks to me like this and gets away with it. But I love how he's the one "thanking me for nothing" to begin with, then tries to turn it around by saying he was just joking around. Dude, I don't know you. You don't know me. Why do people not realize that what you could say to a friend in game is going to be interpreted differently and is perhaps inappropriate when you say it to a stranger?

Anyways, here's what went down, and what I was thinking at the time. My reactions probably give you all a little more insight into how I am in real life... yikes maybe in a not so positive way. But hey, what can I say, this is me... I'm a feisty gal.


  1. Seeing K just damn pwning someone.... priceless


  2. Hee hee...

    Now as to why I choose to ignore people. I need to be able to track "those guys" I come across so that I remember who I may not want to deal with again in the future.

    Anyways, its more funny to me to read my reactions... and I feel kind of bad now. But this is why Jess says things to me like asking me to heal quietly.

  3. Heh. At one point I spent some time trying to find a chat window addon that had an enhanced filter so that I could create an extra window that would only display the whispers for certain folks from the rear of the raid group that liked to constantly give "suggestions" and "constructive criticisms." ;)

  4. Ok, couple of points...

    1. Those of us "at the rear of the raid group" are often those really running the whole show. Telling those "at the front of the raid group" what to do. Heh.

    2. Yes, half of what I whisper Jess are rumblings and WTFs and "why don't you try harders".

    3. However I would just like to point out that many raid strategy adjustments that actually end up working come from those of us "at the rear of the raid group".

    Seriously though... I don't think I would every be able to heal quietly.

    <--- opinionated tree

  5. Uh, that was _three_ points Ms. OMG I've been healing in my fishing gear.

  6. Ahem... the official definition of a couple of: more than two, but not many, of; a small number of; a few

    Secondly... did you die when I was healing in my fishing hat? Um noes, so um yeah...

    Finally... I have a strange strange inkling that Jess is going to be doing a lot of corpse runs tonight... ;)

  7. A wise hunter once said...the quality of raid advice is inversely proportional to the distance he or she is from the fighting....

  8. Wait, a couple is more than two, by official definition? Dang. Me dictionary be borkified.