Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day (in WOW speak)

Today is a big day here in the USofA... finally Election Day is here! In doing some searching, the current US election and our shared pastime have already crossed paths. Why am I not surprised?

Check out this site that says that Obama polled 62% across all of Azeroth population, with McCain favored by Alliance and Obama favored by the Horde. Interesting...

This site has a hilarous comment. Commenter Nessaja refers to this duel as a Level 46 Tauren Druid vs a Level 73 Dwarf Warrior. LOL! I think McCain could also be a Pally. I like Obama as a Druid.

Here is the Youtube video link 'Election Duel! Obama V. McCain - Who Get's Pwned?' which includes such epic quotes as 'Excuse me while I go all Palin on this Wolf'. Double LOL!

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