Friday, March 28, 2008

WOW karma, prayers, and superstitions

There is a good amount of luck involved in WOW... whether that is picking those elusive Fel Lotuses. I'm not quite as angry as I was yesterday about this, but still somewhat semi-annoyed. I will have you know that the two Fel Lotuses I got since the patch were still off of Felweed. But believe me, you don't even want to know how much picking I had to do to get those two.

Luck also factors in getting certain loot to drop or discovering recipes. Couple of funny stories. I have been waiting quite a while to learn the recipe for [Flask of Mighty Restoration]. So Tuesday afternoon as I'm getting ready for our first Kara run, I bite the bullet and buy the flask off the AH, even though I had more than enough mats to make it myself... if only I knew the recipe. So literally right after I buy it, I decide to make a couple of other potions and the FIRST potion I make, voila, 'Keredria discovers the Recipe for Flask of Mighty Restoration'! It's almost as if the WOW gods waited for me to buy the flask before granting me the recipe. Its funny because its as if you only get the lucky Fel Lotus or discovery when you are not expecting, looking, or hoping for it. It happens when you least expect it.

An older story... our guild The Left Claw has forever been granted favorable mail karma. It's nice now when our hunter Nio can actually use it, but before he joined us, it sucked. Literally we'd run instances and have mail drop off of each boss. It got to the point where I felt I had to send up a prayer to change our karma. It went something like:

"O great merciful and ever loving God of WOW drops, we recognize your wisdom, greatness, and power and thank thee for all you do for us. We would however like to humbly point out that we do not have a group member who can wear mail. So if you would be so kind to consider that and drop plate or leather gear, we would be so eternally grateful. With great praise and thanks, K".

Now if I remember correctly, after I literally typed out the prayer, I believe our next drop was not mail but something a group member could use! So if you're having problems getting loot to drop, I suggest sending up a prayer to change your karma. Acknowledge the infinite power of the God of WOW drops and ask nicely. You may have to make a sacrificial offering as well.

Now whenever luck factors into anything, I think it's human nature to believe in karma or superstitions around it. What do you do when you want loot to drop? Do you mention it before you start or just secretly wish for it? I think I've done both with favorable results. I've clearly called out to the group what drop I was wishing for before starting a run as well as kept it a secret until after it dropped and then saying, 'Yay that is so what I was wishing for'! But I think overall I tend to think that the God of WOW drops (and yes people, he is real... if you don't believe, how can you expect him to be good to you?) can hear you and seems to have a funny sense of humor. If you too clearly call out the drop that you are going for, it won't drop. It's like you almost have to trick him into dropping it, making him believe you don't want it.

So tell me, what do you think about WOW karma or superstitions?


  1. On the Karma Front:

    Our guild's main priest has been lusting after the healing ring that drops from Illhoof. She is vocal about it, and everyone knows it. It is the one piece of Kara gear that she needs.

    And it only drops when she is not there.

    Essentially every other healer in the guild has it except for her. And we all *Want* her to have it. But it only drops when she is absent

  2. My guild feels they only do well in Kara when a particular raid member dies randomly during our first few pulls. Until she 'blesses' the raid with her death.. our mojo just doesn't seem to flow..

  3. Hmm, interesting theory, I may try some "Reverse Psychology" next time I wish for some loot.."I hope no leather healing gear drops, that would be simply awful and demoralising to the entire group"...I'll let you know the success/failure rate after say a study group of 15 instances.