Monday, March 24, 2008

The bestest fisherwoman ever?

Holy batman... three posts in one day! So yesterday Phaelia at Resto4Life (aka the Queen bee of all us tree druids) posted about her experience at the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza with some links to me. Then wowinsider picked up on that and posted a recap of Phaelia's article this afternoon with links to my blog again.

This means traffic has picked up on my blog a ton. It really cracks me up that I have become somewhat known in the wow blogosphere as the fisherwoman. When I said this to Atania, she was like, "Uh K, you do fish a lot..." Yes it's true. My fishing has not only made K a very rich night elf, but my fishing also equips the guild with yummy food buffs and scrolls for our runs.

I'm not in a large serious raiding guild and I know I'm behind on progression. Probably because our tiny guild of friends hasn't really been serious about progression until a couple months ago. But here's where I can make my mark in the wow world... I will become the bestest fisherwoman! Or at least the fisherwoman with the dorkiest sense of humor.

On a related fishing front, I wonder if we could catch things other than fish. The wow waters must include other goodies. How about octapus or squid? Mussels? Scallops? Maybe we don't even need a fishing pole to catch these? Well something like a big octapus or squid might require some serious combat... perhaps require a group? But then when you cook it up, it should be a serious buff. Mussels and scallops maybe could also be caught by just picking them off the ocean floor or throwing over a box.

Final fishing thoughts... as an avid real life sushi and cerviche lover, fish don't have to be cooked. We should be able to get food buffs from some uncooked fish. I know that for me, white tuna nigiri gives K major +happiness.

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