Monday, March 10, 2008

Its the wipes you remember... not the full clears

Last night we took our guildie Niobar and his lovely pet Bar through Arcatraz to get his final frag for Kara. So the group was Nio, Wutan, Atania, Suzzy, and myself. I'd been to Arcatraz twice before, both times we went through it with no problems. What was different this time? No Jess/Aksana. What's the big deal there? Well let me explain.

Jess is sorta a walking encyclopedia of WOW fights. She remembers what each boss does, what we need to do, what we need to look for, etc. I think we've gotten sort of spoiled, expecting her to be there to remind us. Well, the five of us sans Jess go through just fine until we get to the second boss, that crazy dramatic Jerry Springer couple: Mean angry guy and Thong girl (aka Soccothrates and Dalliah).

So we remembered the whirly thing that Dalliah does and that she will heal herself afterwards and that her heal needs to be interrupted. Well we're just going through the fight and noticing she keeps getting healed a lot. I mean, A LOT. So this first time we stay with her for seriously at least 20 minutes, when I finally run out of mana. It was clear we weren't going to get her and needed to regroup. So we decide Nio will feign death, Wut will take the death for the team, and Suzzy, Atania, and I will run away and make her reset.

So Suzzy, Atania, and I start running. Now I wasn't sure how far she'd run because I'd never done this before. So we start running, and turn around to see if she's following. Hell yeah she is in all her 20 foot tall, 6 armed glory! Atania yells, "Yes she is, keep running"! The three of us turn and just keep running for the door, laughing hysterically. With her long ass legs, she runs pretty fast, but would stop to do her whirly thing so we were able to get out fine.

Try two... pretty much the same thing. We try again, after 20 minutes realize this isn't working again... and run for the door again, laughing even harder. Well, I don't think Atania was laughing too much, she was annoyed... but I was still laughing. However, I think it was at this second try that Suzzy realized what the little purple/pink square under Wut's picture really meant. We saw that little buff before, but actually reading it this time we learn that it means Wut can't be healed when he has that debuff. Because for every heal I give Wut, when Wut hits Dalliah, he will heal her as much as I am healing him. OMG! Last two fights I am just going along with a full triple stack of lifebloom on Wut, some rejuvs... and all of that pretty, yummy, healing goodness was also going to Dalliah! No wonder we couldn't get her down!

Well once we figured this out and Wut also found another way to do something to interrupt her healing, the third time was cake. Jess would have remembered that I can't heal Wut when he has the buff on at our first try at her. Well as Suzzy said, we will never forget this fight and the strategy now! I do think the running out as we're being chased by a 20 foot tall woman in a thong will be one of my funniest memories from this game. It's these sort of mistakes/wipes you remember, not the easy smeasy full clears. Do you have any similar funny stories you will never forget?

Well after we took down the couple, Nio had to go, then Jess/Aksana (it's weird, even when she's on Aksana, I still call her Jess) came to do the last boss with us. Here's a screenshot to end our funny night, though by the time I got everyone in position, the boss disappeared. Look at Wut there, the lone guy, but the shortest!


  1. I had a very similiar experience on that boss, only the one who had been through the instance before and (supposedly) remembered how everything went had gotten TOTALLY mixed up.

    First of all, nothing about the buff. Second of all, nothing about interrupting the heal after the whirlwind. No, he was under the impression that you had to back out and not hit her during the whirlwind. If anyone touched her, she would heal herself immediately after.

    Well, we all stopped hitting her, but of course she still healed herself after her whirlwind, and we were on her for a good 10 minutes or so before I finally flipped open the laptop next to my main computer and looked up the real strategy, all the while Moonfiring and Starfiring and Insect Swarming, and popping a potion once every two minutes. Once I announced the real strategy over Vent, it still took another 5 minutes or so to take her down, because we were all so mana starved.

    So... not a wipe, perse, but man oh man it was quite an experience. And sure gave our healer an exercise in making your mana last.

  2. Oh noes! Most groups probably would not have lasted as long, but Keredria has enough +healing, mana, and MP5 to keep both the tank and the boss alive for a good long time!

  3. Most memorable was a guild 3-man run of regular slave pens, to get my druid tank the Bogstrok Scale Cloak.

    We were mistaken on a particular piece of strategy, and somehow decided that "if you jump off the walkway into the water, the mobs do an aggro wipe and won't bother you".

    So we merrily ran past a bunch of mobs on the ramp, jumped in the water, and moved on to the next pull. Halfway through taking them down, we were mobbed by half the instance. It was pretty amusing.

  4. I remember the first times we were there and how we wiped and wiped and wiped until we realized what was wrong. Once I switched to no-HoT-Healing everything was ridiculously easy.

    We have those walking Encyclopedias in our guild and we once did a Kara run without even a single one of them. You can imagine how that went.

    I do remember so many spectacular and epic wipes but I also do remember some spectacular non-wipes *g*

  5. I love all these other stories... makes me realize we aren't the only one trying wrong strategies!