Monday, March 31, 2008

Second night in Kara... Moroes down

Last night was our second night in Kara. Due to people's schedules, it was the first night we could get our core group to go after our first night last Tuesday. I think because we are so small and somewhat casual, we aren't going to be able to go to Kara 4 nights a week. For now, I think we're shooting for 2 definite scheduled runs, with a possible third.

We had an interesting raid makeup for Moroes. We had three tanks, Jess as our main tanky tank, Wut as our pally off tank, and Adamas as our beary druid off off tank. Again, only two healers, myself and our holy priest Suzzy. Suzzy is definitely not a new healer anymore. She is a veteran healer, which is a damn good thing since its just the two of us. For dps, we had Veloreynn who is quite a scary fire mage now (I would not want to meet her in a dark alley), our hunter Nio (I still call his traps the freezy thing), and get this... three freakin rogues, Atania, Daihiro, and Suzzy's friend Fadeshadow. We were giving the rogues a bit of a hard time. When Atania died during trash, I said "Oh crap, sorry Atania" to which Jess replied, "No worries, its just a rogue... we got 2 more". Heh heh.

So... somewhat of an interesting group makeup, wouldn't you say? But K's lesson for today is that you don't have to follow those tips that say you have to have class X for fight Y. You make do with what you have. I know that at some point later in Kara we may really really need a certain class. We'll cross that bridge when we get there or figure out a way to get across with the group we have.

Now the four adds we had were the holy priest, arms warrior, ret paladin, and the prot warrior. Here's why it was good we had Adamas in a tank/dps gear combo. Jess pulled Moroes and tanked him along with Wut to the right of the long table. I stood on the table (my mother would be horrified!) and healed them. Whenever Jess got gouged, she'd yell out, then I'd immediately put up a dispel poison on Wut so that he wouldn't get blinded. Adamas I believe tanked the holy priest and arms warrior, with all dps on the priest first. During this time Nio had frozen the ret pally and Suzzy (when she wasn't busy healing because yeah, she had nothing else to do) shackled the prot warrior. (Disclaimer... I may have gotten some of this wrong... I was so focused on green bars, I'm not 100% sure this is what was going on behind me. I'm sure Jess will correct me if this is wrong). *edited after Jess' comment.

So there was our game plan. Now we wiped 5 times before finally taking him down on the 6th. It was funny (or not so funny) because we got Moroes down to 1% on the fifth try. Now remember my post on Attumen about how I should be quieter during wipes and not swear? Well... let's just say there was plenty of yelling, groaning, and swearing and it wasn't from me! Good thing because now I know I can let the salty words fly. :)

Our five wipes I think were due to a variety of reasons... I think once Wut somehow got stunned once when Jess was gouged and then Moroes came for me. I think another time someone came after Suzzy and we were down to one healer (yikes!). We lost Atania a number of times. With just two healers, one paying attention to a shackle, it was a bit difficult to heal. I tried to keep up a lifebloom stack on Jess as well as some on Wut, dispel poison before Wut would be blinded, put up lifeblooms on whoever was garroted (the 6th time when we took him down I had a garrote on me... it was hard for me to remember to heal myself), and heal whoever else needed it in my spare time (mainly Adamas, Fadeshadow, and Atania). So yeah, it was a bit stressful for Suzzy and myself, but we got it done.

In terms of drops we got [Nethershard Girdle] for our mage Vel (though she doesn't really need a girdle... she is quite slim) and [Signet of Unshakable Faith] for Suzzy. The off hand would have been an upgrade for me as well and Suzzy wanted to roll on it, but I insisted she take it. Here's my theory on loot. Yes, I would like to upgrade my pieces. But I'm not doing Kara by myself. Because the off hand was a greater upgrade for Suzzy, I thought it was more important she get it. A big upgrade for her means the group as a whole is better.

We are going to try to go again tonight for Maiden but not sure if we have a full group. We'll see. However in preparation for Maiden, I spent some time yesterday morning grinding the Abyssal Flamebringers in Blade's Edge. Why? So I could get [Recipe: Major Holy Protection Potion]. Now while I was grinding, wouldn't you know a damn purple dropped! [Depleted Cloth Bracers] which after 50 apexis shards turned into [Crystalweave Bracers]. Vel already had these bracers, so Jess' mage alt Aksana got a nice little gift in the mail from K. I did get the recipe to drop. So it was a nice little farming expedition for me up there since I got a good number of motes of fire as well. I was sort of sad to leave those Abyssal Flamebringers (they look mean and scary but they're really just big teddy bears in disguise) because grinding them was so successful for me!


  1. Nice job taking Moroes down. That is one tough fight, and we had some total wipefests, even after we supposedly had him on farm. Sometimes there's just bad luck, you just learn to do the best you can with what you have.

    And just as a side note... no matter if I was healing or Moonkin-ing, I always ALWAYS stood on the table. I don't know why it was so preferable to any other spot in the room, but it was.

  2. That's fairly accurate. A few corrections:

    1. We didn't have the shadow priest. We did have the arms warrior. He was second on the kill list. Adamas tanked him until the holy priest was down.

    2. I think the shackles held pretty well actually, but we put Adamas (feral druid) on the shackle target as soon as the first two adds were down so that Suzzy could focus on healing and also because she was worried they may break without her getting a chance to re-shackle.

    3. We wiped once probably because I neglected to warn everyone that I was gouged (frankly I don't think I even noticed) and we didn't get the blind off Wutan in time.

  3. Oh yes... once was totally Jess' fault. :) One wipe was probably my fault as well... I was just too damn slow. I think we blamed Atania once too for something... for being rogue-ish?

  4. Oh one more thing! As Suzzy observed Keredria is a bit superstitious (must be a Druid thing). After a couple of wipes she insisted that everyone bring out their pets, and when we wiped again she asked that we try different pets.

  5. Oh yeah... that's true. I was quite disappointed by Sebastian's performance so I had to put him back in his magical box and bring out the mini reindeer. My new pet the baby croc Muckbreath didn't do much for us either. But he's a total noob... so I didn't expect much.

  6. I always go with either OOX the robot chicken, who can hold aggro like nobody's business, or Sleepy Willy, what can lay down some truly righteous dps.

  7. What a great blog...but...must say...a tad skimpy on the hunter details....I'd like to add some myself but I'm not sure what happened....

  8. Gratz on taking down Moroes. I remember our first time there we seemed to wipe forever and when we got him it seemed due to luck more than anything.

    May I ask how many of the Flamebringers you killed to get the recipe? So far I have not manageed to get even one of the protection recipes in Outland. Is there some trick to farming, that I don't know of?

  9. I told Ratshag in game last night that my crab could kick his chicken's ass. He said to bring it on! Heh heh... our pets are going to tussle.

    @ Nio - Yay Nio! As Jess calls him lately, snake boy!

    @ Yashima - I did one grinding session on them for about an hour one day with no luck, then came back the next day and did about another hour before it dropped. So I don't know how many I killed, but I kill slowly considering I was grinding them in my healing gear taking advantage of the + spell dmg stats on them.