Monday, March 24, 2008

We iz finally goingz...

... to Kara. It's not that easy trying to organize a group of people and find the right time, but we will be taking our first venture into Kara tomorrow night. Jess has definitely become our raid leader in coordinating everything. If tomorrow is 2.4 patch day, I hope latency isn't too bad.

So we have a tank (K has missed sending green swirlies to Jess) and off tank (the beary awesome Adamas). Suzzy is our current holy priest with well over 1100 +healing, so she will do just fine. Atania is our kick ass rogue who not only stabs really really well, but really pays attention to how much aggro she generates. This means Jess and I likes her very very much. Then we have Wut who we may take tomorrow as a hybrid healer/dps. I'm thinking as our first time we may want to have 2.5 healers? And Veloreynn is our fire mage and Niobar is our hunter (we all love his pet Bar... especially Suzzy). Now we have one or two people outside the guild coming with us I believe, but we may end up being 1 dps short. I am hoping that it will not be that hard to pick up one dps compared to picking up a tank or healer.

If any of you guys are interested in checking out Kara with us and/or looking to join a casual but serious guild (I know that's a bit of an oxymoron... but its true) on Drenden of more mature players, please let me or Jess know.


  1. Good luck in Kara. I have found it to be a fun and challenging place. By the way, 2.5 healers should be enough, but you may also want to consider 3 full-time healers on the bosses.

  2. Gratz on your first Kara run! How exciting!

  3. Go go Left Claw! Have funs and get lewts!

    The rumors be that 2.4 is gonna hit tomorrow. Might 'cause some stability issues or reboots if it do - hopefully not, but these things can happens.

    Me dwarfish shadow priest dinged 54 yesterday. Kara's still a ways off, and I'm real happy in me current guild, but if an opportunity to run some stuff with you came up in the future, I'd be most interested.

  4. Oops, re-read and saw you already knows about 2.4. Silly me.

  5. I'd recommend three healers if one of them has "well over 1100 healing", but you should be fine for the beginning.

    Have fun! May you get nummy loot.

  6. Warning: you may get a big slug of viewers soon. Sent the idea of treeform changing with the season to the WoWInsider editors. If they link it...

  7. Thanks for all your comments... let me know if there is anything else we should be aware of before we go. Sounds like we should take Wut as a full healer. I know Suzzy got two really good healing drops today in Shattered Halls, so I think her +healing is over 1200 now.

    @Ratshag, your blog always cracks me up! We'd love for you to run with us in the future.

    @Anonymous, thanks for the note! As a fashion conscious tree, I like to be in the season... if you know what I mean.