Monday, March 24, 2008

Healing update 3.24.08

Couple updates since I last posted healing gear and stats. Now I did switch back in the trinket [Scarab of the Infinite Cycle] which was a drop a while back in Black Morass. I really need to read more carefully. Originally I thought that it said increased spell dmg... not spell haste. I guess I'd rather have the chance of increased spell haste (time it takes to cast spells) instead of carrying around two Lower City prayerbooks. I figure I can only take advantage of the use of one of the prayerbooks anyways. Plus I'm not that prayerful anyways. :)

All stats unbuffed, no potions, no food, no scrolls, no nothing!

Level: 70
Health: 7444
Mana: 8705
Intellect: 441
Spirit: 291
+Healing: 1487
+MP5: 282/143

Weapon: [The Ancient Scepter of Sue-Min]

Off-hand: [Netherwing Spiritualist's Charm]

Idol: [Idol of the Emerald Queen]

Head: [Hood of Primal Life]

Neck: [Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation]

Shoulders: [Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders]

Back: [Lifegiving Cloak]

Chest: [Gladiator's Kodohide Tunic]

Wrists: [Vindicator's Kodohide Bracers]

Hands: [Gloves of the Living Touch]

Waist: [Vindicator's Kodohide Belt]

Legs: [Pants of Living Growth]

Feet: [Vindicator's Kodohide Boots]

Ring: [Witching Band]

Ring: [Keeper's Ring of Piety]

Trinket: [Lower City Prayerbook]

Trinket: [Scarab of the Infinite Cycle]


  1. I've been reading your and Jess' blogs for some time now after finding it Jess' on some tanking site, and I've really enjoyed it. It reminds me of my earlier(no offense meant) days in WoW. I'm usually don't comment a lot on blogs, but I just had to comment on Scarab of the Infinite Cycle. As far as I've understood it, spell haste is useless for resto druids, seeing as all their spells excepts Regrowth are instant.

    Other than that, keep up the good blog(ing)


  2. Hm.. I thought it made HoTs tick faster as well :)

  3. @cusface... thanks. We are total noobs... basically starting end game stuff just now! :)

    Yeah... the scarab... I guess I decided to keep it because it has the same +healing as Lower city prayerbook and it doesn't look like you can use the prayerbooks twice. So I thought I might as well take the increased spell haste, for those crazy times when I do cast regrowth!

  4. @lisanne...No i don't think so. As of 2.4 haste will lower the global cooldown allowing faster casting of instantcasts. But you need an obscene amount of haste rating to make a difference since the global cooldown is only 1.5 sec to begin with.

    @Keredria...have you tested the prayerbooks? If they follow the normal pattern with trinkets, clicking one of them(assuming you have 2 prayerbooks equipped) will start a 15 sec cooldown on the other. So, you can't trigger them at the same time, but you can trigger them back to back.