Sunday, March 16, 2008

-1000 Tree Rep

I have been really really behind on my fellow druids blog reading. Well that means that I did not find out until mid week last week that Blizzard was potentially going to nerf our Lifebloom! Rightfully so, this caused quite a ruckus, the charge being lead by Leafshine by asking fellow bloggers to put up a cute little image on their home page protesting the nerf.

If I had known this was going on, I certainly would have joined in. As my guildies have heard over voice when we wipe, I probably would have ranted with a couple of choice salty words thrown in as well. Fortunately it looks like they are only changing the bloom part of our lifebloom, not the tick part of the lifebloom. Plus we may be getting a regrowth buff! Woot. Anyways, definitely -1000 to K for community tree rep. :(

On another note, I am a little tired of looking so... autumnal. Why are us trees permanently stuck in the fall season? I think we should look the way we do from Sep-Nov, but there are 3 other seasons. I say from Dec-Feb we have no leaves with maybe some snowflakes or icicles hanging off the branches. From Mar-May, we have little buds, then Jun-Aug we are very green and leafy. Blizzard puts out a patch at least every quarter, I don't think it'd be that hard for them to update us depending on the season... I mean its the worst to be wearing last season's leaves!


  1. -1000 tank rep too. Lifebloom is my life -- literally.

    More than seasonal changes K I'd like to see you have the option to decorate yourself. Strings of colored lights or paper lanterns would be neat.

  2. Also -50 reputation with the Jess faction for not commenting very much on Pretty in Plate. :(