Friday, August 3, 2012

Clawcon debrief and loldot

A quick debrief on Clawcon. It was a bit more lowkey this year, and as such I didn't really end up taking that many pics. I don't know, given this was my fourth Clawcon it just become more old friends hanging out.

The boys arrived on Friday and I decided that we should try grilling pizzas up on my rooftop deck. I had Jess take grilling duty, but of course I was right there telling him he was doing it wrong. Actually they turned out pretty well!

Saturday we did a drive up to Bellingham to do some sightseeing and meet up with two other guildies. We tooled around a park there for a bit then spent the afternoon at a brewery.

It was amusing because we ran into a lot of hipsters all weekend (both in Bellingham and Seattle). Hipsters seem to invoke a visceral negative reaction from Nkm. Jess joked that he was going to start a toon named "Hipster" and try to find a fedora and skinny jeans within the game.

I remarked that Nkm would then probably create a toon named "Antihipster". They'd probably stand around dueling all day. I would put my money on Antihipster in such a duel. Skinny jeans really restrict your range of motion.

Sunday was a lazy day of me and Jess making breakfast and just lying around eating, drinking, and watching the Olympics.

We discussed that next year I will do some research so that our "nature-y" outdoor activity would be going out clamming or crabbing. I think it'd be fun and we would be catching our dinner!

It'd be the real life version of when I made the guild get together to fish so we could learn the Seafood Feast. (The guildies think I'm kidding... I'm not).

In our raid last night I actually took my lock into DS. She was in 378 gear and has yet to do Raid Finder (heck I have never done Raid Finder on any toon... crazy I know). Lorosia was also dpsing, during which we affectionately call him lolret. Though he actually does pretty good dps, so he is more ret than lol. We decided we would call Kimchee loldot. She is more lol than dot.

Hooray loldot!


  1. Sounds like Clawcon was fun! Glad to hear. It's great that you are able to get together with your guildies like this. :D Also, yay loldot!

  2. Ooo...does that mean I can be "LOLheal" if I do disc??

  3. Omg that sounds like the beginning of a joke. lolret, loldot, and lolheal walk into a bar...

  4. Wish I could have attended :( Sounds like you had fun! Always next year I suppose...