Thursday, August 16, 2012

A second Dragonwrath!

Last week we were able to craft a second legendary staff for our mage Darc. Even though we had long moved onto DS, I'm glad that folks were willing to still run Firelands week after week to finally get it crafted for him.

Darc mentioned that while having a legendary, and the staff itself is cool, what means more is the fact that a group of friends worked together to create something for him. That's what the staff represents, the commitment that our guild made to craft a second Dragonwrath for him.

With a month before the expansion and the OP summer raid boss upon us, I'm satisfied if this second Dragonwrath is the last significant thing we do before MoP. Now in MoP it sounds like the legendary is going to be something that every class can use.

What are folks thoughts on this? I do like the idea of considering merit instead of being bound to whatever class Blizz has decided gets the next legendary. We were talking about this on vent a bit ago and Chanti mentioned that the obvious choices for our guild are going to be Jess and myself. I think Nkm mentioned that we should put it to a guild vote and that his vote is bribe-able.

Yes, Jess and I will fight over this decision (because seriously when don't we?). But actually the fight will be for the other to take it... so I will be trying to convince him to take the first legendary while he will do the same with me. We'll see who wins...

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  1. Clearly I will need to develop "Team Jess" and "Team K" Tabards