Thursday, August 23, 2012

Before September 25

There are three things I need to do before September 25.

1. Get a new laptop

Ugh. I really don't want to have to blow money on a laptop just to play a game, but there is no way what I have now will be able to play the expansion. I think I'm sticking with Apple, most likely the 15 inch Macbook Pro.

Is 2.3 GHz enough or should I get 2.6? The 2.6 GHz comes with 750 GB (vs 500). If I don't need to shell out the extra dough, I'd rather not, so any advice would be appreciated. Remember, I have a habit of looking like a total noob in Apple stores.

2. Clean out guild bank

I've actually made pretty good progress to this end, getting rid of a ton of old stuff. I've also made a good dent into consolidating Cata stuff so that we'll have plenty of empty space for the expansion.

It's gotten to the point though that I am using the guild log to chastise people for adding stuff rather than removing stuff. Don't you dare add anything to the guild bank! Or no heals for you!

3. Finish Loremaster

I only have 5 more zones to finish in Kalimdor for Loremaster. Some of my favorite quests so far? The one in Felwood where you have to grow a tree and the one in Thousand Needles where you start the bar fight between the gnomes and the goblins. I may or may not have started the fight several times just for a giggle.

Anyways, as I was finishing up Thousand Needles, it became clear to me that whoever designed the quest rewards in this zone must have been betrayed in their marriage. Why? Well look at some of the quest rewards in this zone:

* Horn of the Traitor
* Alimony
* Discarded Wedding Band
* Belt of False Promises
* Breastplate of Contained Sorrow
* Belt of Feigned Joy
* Suspicious Slippers
* Dupe's Bracers
* Drinker's Bracers

Then I saw some quest rewards where it seemed the person was getting angry.

* Hood of Disgrace, which is part of Flirtation Regalia
* Swindler's Vest
* Really Cold Bracers
* Payback Band
* Shroud of Contempt
* Bracers of Reluctant Violence

Yikes! I hope this person found some Lasting Peace. (LOL at myself for creating an entire story and series of emotions around this quest reward designer's life at the time).

Anyways, I remarked to Jess how these quest rewards in Thousand Needles were kind of making me sad. His comment? "Mmm Thousand Needles... it's a good zone to throw yourself off a mesa".

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