Friday, August 17, 2012

Damn those Lotuses

I'm not someone who tracks all the news around new patches and expansions that closely. Usually I find out about stuff when a guildie mentions it on vent. So last week a couple of guildies were talking about cooking in the expansion, which got me looking into it a little more.

I am quite irritated that they are bringing back the Wrath equivalent of Northern Spices with Rice Flour, Black Pepper and 100 Year Soy Sauce. Ugh, just ugh. Look, I totally understand requiring Ironpaw Tokens to learn recipes. But I really liked that in Cata once you learned the recipe, you could just cook things up without these extra reagents.

I'm especially annoyed we need them for the new feasts. Cooking with its six paths and farming for required vegetables seems a bit overwhelming. I don't know if as a guild we're going to have to coordinate and plan who is growing/providing what.

Speaking of cooking, look what I found on my grocery list after Clawcon:

Yes, that says "Tell Jess he's a good tank". Apparently Jess thinks I'm not supportive enough.

Anyways, so I'm irritated about needing those cooking reagents. But I am probably even more irritated that they're bringing back the notion of needing those damn Lotuses. Yes, the horror that was Frost and Fel Lotuses in Wrath and BC are back with a vengeance in the form of Golden Lotus.

Argh. Argh! Look, I realize that Cata flasks required more herbs and Volatile Life, but at least all of those mats were farmable. You knew you could gather up the mats to be able to make the flasks. Thus, I really hate going back to drop rate RNG in terms of being able to make flasks. And it looks like the data on making the MoP equivalent cauldrons isn't out yet, but I am scared to see what it is.

It just seems like they are making professions more difficult. I understand they want to prolong the time between patches and keep us busier (i.e. grind) longer. But I'm a little concerned what the return of cooking reagents and the damn Golden Lotuses is going to mean for creating feasts and cauldrons for raids.


  1. Just small note - Ironpaw tokens are gained from daily quest, and from infinitely repeatable turn-in.

    You go, you farm whatever - vegetables from farm, meat from mobs, fish from fishing, basically any "base" cooking ingredient, then you use "bundling" item to transform 20 of them (20 for meat, more for vegetables i think) into bundle used for turn-in, and you get Ironpaw token.

    Getting something basic like 20 bird meat takes just around 30 kills, each taking 3-5 seconds + around same amount of movement. Not really a long farm.

    So Ironpaw Token is basically extra material cost that can come in ANY form.

  2. And you can get 3 Golden Lotuses for one Spirit of Harmony from Krystel, Spirit of Harmony Trader.

  3. I too wonder about that. Since I am the main cooker/fisher for our raids I hope that it's not horribly onerous... but I'll find out after Sept 25 I guess.

  4. @Shalcker: Ooh good to know! I hated the thought of being bound to the cooking dailies as the only source of the tokens.

    They should do the same with the Golden Lotus where you can turn 20 of an herb into one.