Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Achievements galore!

Lots of achiever-ing (what is the verb form of getting an achievement?) lately, including finally getting Master of Warsong Gulch due to Frenzied Defender. Many thanks to Jess and Nikolai who I dragged into several WSG with me to be able to get this.

So now I just have The Perfect Storm left for Battlemaster. I'm wondering if I should try OpenRaid for it. My other achievement goals before the expansion launches is finishing up Loremaster.

I also finished up Glory of the Cataclysm Hero, for which I ended up tanking a 5 man! So my first foray back into tanking in forever was heroic Stonecore, and yeah it was ugly. I couldn't get enough rage or keep all the mobs together very well. And in the trash right before Ozruk, I think my expansive bear ass ended up pulling half the room.

Anyways, I think I just need a bit more practice and perhaps readjust where abilities are located on my bar to make more sense with how I'd use them. I will say my tanking definitely keeps the healer busy. Poor Bruenok saw plenty of action!

Speaking of bear butts, I could watch this live stream video all day long.

I'm sorry, I couldn't get that work assignment finished because I was watching a live stream of brown bears catching salmon all day.

Reasonable excuse is reasonable?


  1. I envy all your PvP achievements! Congrats!!! In the Lull that is lead up for Pandaland, I have been trying to get achievements and because of the way I play, some continue to elude me.

    Grats on finishing Glory of the Cata hero! Oh and trust me, I know all about massive Bear ass pulling everything in the room. Trying to stick to the left wall when your ass reaches halfway across the space between you and the mobs... yeah good luck with that I think to myself.

    I just noticed something. Somebody is on a server that I have a Navimie clone on...

  2. Yes, I would argue that as a healer going after some of these achievements go completely against our role in the BG. Its tough. For a lot of the WSG ones I would gauge the BG in the beginning, whether it was going to be a lopsided win either way then decide whether I would go after some of the achieves.

    Oh you should come visit! Rades is on Drenden too! Ooh the two of us could role play for you what happens when we meet up in Tol Barad.