Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Apparently you shouldn't ignore...

... emails from Apple with feline subject lines. So as of today, WoW will no longer support, heck no longer even run if you are running Mac OS 10.5. Now Mac OS 10.6, or Snow Leopard, came out in August 2009. So who in their right mind would still be running 10.5?

/raises hand sheepishly?

I do recall getting emails from Apple with cat like subject lines... Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, blah blah blah. All ignored. And now it bites me in the ass! /sigh. This is why technology and I do not get along.

Anyways, I ordered the CD from Apple over the phone yesterday (it's so old this is now the only way you can get 10.6) but it won't get here until Thursday. I don't think I even really thought about how old my operating system was... and now I'm hopeful that perhaps upgrading will solve some of my performance issues while running WoW.

In other news... on Sunday night I pulled my poor raid into Eye of the Storm with me to try for Perfection. We ran 3 matches and didn't get it but I do think it was kind of fun. And while I won't punish them to do this every week, I am hoping they can try to help me again sometime in the future.

It was something different for 10 of us to be BGing together, so I hope folks had fun. I will say that in one of the matches we were very much outmatched in dps. A couple of folks were even in all PvE gear and were dying pretty easily. You looked at the meters and the top dmg dealers were all Horde... and we had more deaths. Yet we won the BG with 4 towers to none.

Lesson here? Of course gear helps. And I'm not going to turn down high dps or healing. But even more important is a group working together and bodies going where they need to go to turn towers.

Speaking of pvp I think some of the changes to glyphs are going to make pretty big impacts in pvp. What hunters have some exploding trap now that throw you off like shammys or boomkins can? Grrrr.

I have a feeling that there will be a lot of pvp action, particularly this upcoming three day weekend, as dps play around with all their new toys. And I'll be there healing!


  1. I saw you in there (and saw your status note), too bad you didn't get it but good luck! I'm sure you'll get it eventually. :D

  2. Hope you get it soon Keredria! I need that achievement too, but it will probably be on the backburner now!