Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The weird things I do

1. I'm afraid of my own shadow: It seems that with Cataclysm we got much more definition in the game in terms of shadows. I don't think that I remember seeing shadows as clearly in Wrath (though my memory is horrible, so who knows). A neat looking shadow of a dragon in Deepholm:

Anyways, to get back to the point... the shadows are so vivid to the extent that I get freaked out when I'm herbing or mining. I see a shadow and freak out because I think its someone else trying to ninja my herb or node. My heart races a bit faster as I curse the damn ninja, and I swoop down even faster... only to realize it's just my own shadow. And the saddest part is that it is bound to happen again. /sigh

2. Mining in multiples of 5: I have this weird thing that when I'm mining on Kimchee, I like to mine in multiples of 5. This is probably because Kimchee is a JC and will prospect the ore. But even though I never prospect all of the ore I have in my bag, I keep mining until that last stack in my bag is a multiple of 5. So if that last stack is like 17, I'll actually hope that the next ore I mine gives me 3 ore. And if its only 2... or if its 4... there will be a little 'damn' that leaves my mouth and I'll keep mining. I know... I have issues.

Kimchee usually mines in Twilight Highlands, and this makes it even more difficult because along with mining in multiples of 5 is the rule of never leaving when you see additional ore. So even if I finish with that last stack at a multiple of 5, if I see another little pretty yellow dot, I have to go mine that. Which then will ruin my multiple of 5 rule... so then I have to keep going. This is why when I start mining in Twilight Highlands, it takes a really really long time for me to leave.

3. No tolerance for anarchy in the guild bank: It's been a long standing joke that I am a guild bank nazi of sorts... in that it drives me insane when things are in the wrong tab. When I was traveling to Maryland for work a couple weeks ago, I would often not log in during the week while I was working. But when I would get back on Thursday, after checking my mailbox, the second thing I would do is check the guild bank.

Yes, I do check to see what is missing and whether Kimchee needs to resupply any gems. But I also check to see if people have kept it in order. And if I see fish in the gem tab or gems in the food tab, it drives me bananas. I love that the log says exactly who put the wrong item in the wrong tab because then I can admonish them for it. Though I think some guildies do this on purpose now just to see me get all worked up.

4. Saving for a rainy day that never comes: K always has a large stash of herbs in her bank. Its one large herb bag with probably about 5 stacks of each current herb. I was the same way in BC and Wrath. But the strange thing is that I never ever use those herbs. When I'm making flasks or elixirs, I use the herbs I have in the bag I carry around with me (which typically never goes below 4 stacks per herb). And when that stock gets a bit depleted, I go back out to herb. But I never use the stash in my bank.

I don't know, its like its there as some weird security stash... in the event that what, all the herbs would disappear for a while or something? I don't know... I guess it makes me feel safe that its there, in the event of some strange catastrophic herbing emergency. Hee hee.

The really weird thing about these WoW behaviors is that they are generally so unlike how I am in real life. I am so far from the type that these behaviors may imply. When I pick up mail, I throw it on the kitchen island until it piles up too large... and I tend to typically always have clothes strewn around on the floor at the foot of my bed. That's why it is so strange to me that I have these little ingame obsessive compulsive behaviors.

I'm also a horrible procrastinator in real life. Which is again so strange that I have huge inventories of stuff... "just in case". I also tend to make the cauldrons and the fish feasts for our raids after we finish the last raid of the week. Yes, I get those prepared 3-4 days before the first raid of the next raid week... which is just insane for the procrastinator in me.

Because in RL, I tend to follow this rule with most everything I do:


  1. *grins* I'm also scared of my own shadow :)

    I love the (de)motivational poster that reads something along the lines of hard work may pay off in the future, but laziness pays off right now :D

  2. I am exactly the same when it comes to the guild bank. I take it a bit further in that the items need to remain stacked the way I have them. Woe to any guildie who changes around my orgainization. I've cussed out the GM for using his bag orginization add on on the guild bank. He has learned to no do that anymore.

    Like you as well, I am a lazy bum and a slob when it comes to my personal stuff. Clothes are everywhere in my apartment. Papers are stacked on my dining room table. It is pretty bad. But hey my game stuff is organized! :D

  3. You must be terrified of forests!

    Also, looks like I have a new, fun addition to my MgT runs - a game of 'Hide the Primal Nether'

  4. I actually got used to shadows pretty late into wow (after upgrading an ancient machine) and it was like being born a second time lol, everything looked SO different that I almost turned it off again. it took me a very long time to get used to and every time a gryphon rider flew over me in elwynn forest, I got a heart attack thinking it was big fiery dragon! x)

    and I am just like that - sloppy irl with piles left and right, tidy online. what are we doing wrong?

  5. I still find myself having the *flinch* reaction to dragons flying overhead and creating long shadows on the ground. This is the first system that I've had that made them noticeable.

    For awhile, my husband and I shared a guild bank with another couple we gamed with... until the bank drama began. Not only did food/gems/enchants have to be on the correct tab (we could get that) but they had to be in some kind of descending order from vanilla to wrath, or highest to lowest. After the fifth message about the state of the bank, I just gave up and left the guy with the proceeds.

  6. @Issy: Hee hee... procrastinators unite!

    @Koalabear: My anal thing about stacks is when there are multiple stacks that could be combined to one stack. I make sure I combine those. :)

    @Lorosia: Hahaha you crack me up. But hiding the primal nether sounds like a dirty game. I bet Nikolai would play with you.

    @Syl: I'm glad I'm not the only one! Maybe we are fulfilling some real life ordering and cleaning obligations online somehow?

    @Windsoar: Aww... some sort of order eh? Our guild bank's first 4 tabs are all Cata stuff... and the older stuff is just stashed (kinda crazily I have to admit) in the last 3 tabs.

    I do think the shadows of dragons and gryphons overhead is pretty cool. It adds another realistic, kinda immersion component to the game. But yes, I still flinch too.

  7. Agh the shadows! I nearly had a heart attack a while back in Hellfire due to monstrous shadows freaking me out. I went there to tame a ravager, turned around and saw THIS on the ground: http://is.gd/W3Ovwh

    As for the bank stash and round multiples, that's also how I function, haha. I carry herbs and flasks on me, and never need to dip into the bank herbs...yet they're always there. "Just in case."

    And as for the multiples, when I was killing Nagrand ogres for Obsidian Warbeads I originally planned on farming until I had even 10-stacks of Warbeads and Oshu'gun Powder. However, the impossibility of this goal drove me insane and I had to give up on this foolish ambition!

  8. You sound like my GM. I don't know if he has to mine things in stacks of 5, but I bet he does! He's just as crazy about the bank. Everyone picks on him, but the one thing he can't stand is when I change the order of things filling in top down to filling in from the right. Mostly in the enchanting tab. He also has tons of extra herbs, or used to.

    Occasionally more mean tricks are played on him with the guild bank. I know the main one was when someone decided to fill every empty spot with a guild tabard. took forever for them to get cleaned out. I like to put random stuff in for him as well, like the treasure map to some tavern from the fishing daily.

  9. My big problem with the shadows is that unless you have them turned to the absolute highest setting, the shadows of things on the roof of a structure fall on the ground inside, as if the roof weren't even there. I just couldn't suspend my disbelief quite that much and had to turn them off!

  10. My GL is the same way with the gbank, to the extent that if I take too many of a flask or buff food I get an irritable whisper about how he has to go get more to keep all of the stacks even. I also do the farming in stacks thing, which is bad when I want to take a break but just...can't...stop!!

  11. I always think my shadow is someone trying to get my node. Always.

    And my friend is kinda like you regarding the guild bank. I never touch it since I just know I'll fuck something up :P The irony of it all is that I would be worse than her... if I wasn't so lazy. I'd be Windsoar's guy (well, girl) - I have very clear ideas about how stuff should be ordered, and yes, Vanilla to Wrath is very important!

  12. I think the shadows were introduced in a late-Wrath patch, so you're right that they are pretty new to Cataclysm! I remember flying around Dragonblight or running around on the ground going, "Wheee, I have a shadow!"

    For me, it's when I am mining or herbing with my druid alt and I have to defend myself from an NPC - once my treants are done doing their thing and they run back towards me, I see a flash of a blue name and I think it's a PERSON STEALING MY NODE OMG, always. Then I realize it's my tree posse and I feel very silly. But I keep doing it, in the manner of "Hey this is my...! Oh. I see." Hopefully I won't start jumping at my shadow too now that I think to look for it.

  13. Aww, gosh darn little cutie. I miss you sweet K. Loves :)

  14. @Rades: I did the same with the warbeads as well ;)

    @Sakaki: You guys who mess with us bank nazi freaks are so mean! So mean!

    @Kay: Oh my goodness, I'm going to have to look for that in game. That is crazy and also amazing that you noticed that!

    @redcow: Yep... i use the exact same phrase in guild chat when I get stop mining, just... can't... stop...

    @Jen: Hee hee... it gets me most every time too. I think maybe its because most of the time we are mining or herbing kind of mindlessly... then you see that shadow out of the corner of your eye and you freak out!

    @Vidyala: Awww... the tree posse. I can see how the fact that they even have blue names could freak you out.

    @Everyone: I just have to say this, with the utmost respect and love: YOU GUYS ARE AS WEIRD AS I AM! <3

    @Raparoni: Miss and love you Rappie! I hope to see you at Clawcon II this summer!

  15. I can't lie...I giggled a bit to myself as I stashed Highland Guppies EVERYWHERE in the bank!