Friday, March 25, 2011

Fail blogger is fail

Even with as long as I've been blogging, my blogging screwups never fail to amuse (if amuse means boggles the mind and slightly embarrasses) me.

So Rades put up a really funny post today about running into me in game. And being so excited with the cute post, I immediately commented. Yet I was already logged into gmail and thus Blogger on my main gmail account. Thus I posted the comment under the profile of a personal blog. Fail commenter is fail.

Similarly you know how when you comment on a blog, you can enable it so that all the followup comments get emailed to you so you don't have to keep checking the post?

When I do subscribe to a post's comments, I am generally glad that I did, until it becomes a post that gets a million comments. I'm sure I can go back and unsubscribe to that somehow, right? Though typically more often than not, I hastily comment on a post and forget to check the subscribe option. Is there a way to go back later and subscribe? Hmmm.

I was also thinking the other day about how I seem to remember seeing the "subscribe to comments" feature pretty easily on Wordpress and personal hosted blogs, but that I don't seem to remember seeing it as an option on blogger blogs. Then I went to my very own blog:

Sigh. Fail blogger is fail. And yes, it is really hard being me.


  1. Funny, I thought that being AROUND you was the more difficult of the possible options.

    I saw that post earlier, about myself and Lorosia. What, you didn't think I'd backtrack to previous posts when I got back, Plant-Girl??? At any rate, I had worried about who was going to keep you in your place while I was gone. Lorosia is the answer I sought in my prayers to the Light.

    Kidding aside, I miss you all very much. Yes, even Nikolai. I have a bit to go, but the worst seems to be over. Be good and be safe, my friend...

  2. My method is to just leave the post open and refresh now and then to see if there is anything new. This makes the width of my firefox tabs a good indicator of how much I cared about that day's discussion.

  3. Hehe...I actually used the email option only once or twice and then got fed up. so what I do now is really trying to keep track and just remember every time i commented somewhere and check back frequently (I enjoy a dialogue with others, it's kinda half the reason for me to blog) which is admittedly not always easy lol...and am not getting any younger either! ^^