Monday, March 21, 2011

Anatomy of a Left Claw raid

When I think about our guild raids, there are certain things that are just always going to happen. Kal mentioned the first two items the other week, so I thought I'd expound on those and add a couple of others.

1. Jess is going to break CC: Hee hee. It's funny because its true.

2. K is going to say wait!: Grrr! But yes, this is also funny because its true. I don't know... it's like I consider the raid ready check as a pre ready check to my verbal cue. There is bound to be at least one attempt when the tanks start running in and I yell out on vent, "Oh.... wait!!!!!!" because I forgot something. For the record though I don't think I did this last night, did I?

3. Kal is going to have an opinion: More specifically a strong opinion on something and call it a total screwjob. He's so cute when he gets worked up on something. Let me just say two words. Hunter focus.

4. Nikolai is going to allude to Nkm in a sexually inappropriate way: Nikolai needs to come back to raiding with us soon because there are just so many times when there is the perfect opportunity for a sexually tinged comment in raid and without him, there is just this big empty void.

5. There will be mention of green wands: And associated crying. Poor casters. I am a bit afraid of what is going to happen when that epic wand drops. It's going to be an all out brawl!

6. Bracers of the Dark Pool will drop: We've had like 5 or 6 Bracers of the Dark Pool drop off trash. It's gotten to be sort of funny. I think one night we even had them drop twice.

7. Jess will ask Buns to SS resurrect someone after a death: Even though Buns can't do that until the next patch. Er...

8. K will complain about having no mana: And Lorosia will rub it in. Do the rest of you guys have pallys who taunt you, just absolutely TAUNT you about their mana? I do. /points at Lorosia. Grrr...

9. Darc and Eregon will talk shop: Not only do Darc and Eregon work together IRL, but this is a boss - employee relationship! I find it amusing and quite intriguing that they raid together. If we're up late one night, there will be talk like "You better not call in sick tomorrow!" that makes me giggle. I think Darc should include Eregon's tanking performance in his annual review.

10. Chanti will cycle through his sayings: I love that Chanti has a rotation of sayings that he cycles through when he pulls. They include "Oh look, I haz a frisbee!", "Leeroy Jenkins!", "Bad things are going to happen, don't let them happen to you!" What else does he say? Hmmm they've slipped my mind...

11. We have to deal with a defective Earth Shield: If Jess' shammy Makawee is healing, we have to put up with a less than optimal earth shield. It's the funniest thing but Maka's earth shield spins around your ankles, not your waist. I've tried shimmying my hips in a hula-hoop fashion to see if I could move it up, but to no avail. I guess this earth shield could protect us against ankle biting gnome bosses?

12. We will screw up the Cauldron: We learned the cauldron a couple of weeks ago and honest to goodness, there's bound to be confusion when it goes down. It'll stay up too long and we have to go through the "Who didn't take a flask?", "Oh, I took one before", "Oops, I didn't mean to take one", "Ok take an extra one and keep it for later" each time. EACH TIME.


  1. Haha I love it. I never thought about our quirks. Our raiding team has only been together for about two weeks but there are a couple of things already. If our OT goes in to pull the MT will sing the same song on vent "go papa go!" and you can tell when he's getting frustrated because it's more like "go. papa. go."

    And I eat all the time. It's a running joke that we can't start until I eat a meal. And I will need a snack two hours later. And I always ask what other people are eating. I don't know, I just love food :P

    Having those quirks and appreciating them help with a raid's camaraderie I think :)

  2. @Anon: Yeah... I totally think its these little quirks about individual raid members that make up the quirks of the overall raid.

    It's what makes the raid unique and personalized and special... that each person and their quirks are contributing to the overall environment and that if just one person is not there, the environment is different. It's what keeps me playing and raiding I think.

    And btw, you sound totally like our old mage Vel. That girl was always eating. ALWAYS! It became a common raid occurence to ask what she was eating at the time. =)

  3. Hah! Wow, I am not sure which I hope is better, my tanking skills, or my real life working skills. I think either one of them should be a nice addition to my performance review... Right Darc? :) Right?!?! hello?

  4. No, our paladin is new to the team and still gearing so she does not taunt me... If she did.... well, I wont be responsible for her burning her mana to heal herself, let's put it that way... lol

  5. I'm so glad we just ran into each in-game, it reminded me to come comment about something you said! First of all regarding raids, we used to have a raider who would inevitably bring up Lava Cakes and we'd all comment about them and how delicious they were. He stopped playing sadly, and with him went our Lava Cake tradition.

    But! You said you really like making gold, eh? We should totally set up a cross-faction enterprise on Drenden! I'm a little vague on what might be hot sellers on Ally-side (other than the Enchanted Lantern...?) but we could discuss it more sometime. >:D

  6. @Eregon: Hee hee... I should have also listed the practice of coming onto vent with a very confused a child-like "Hello....?!?!?!"

    @Kayeri: Lorosia can continue to do taunt me though since heck he can heal himself with his ENDLESS mana bar.

    Yeah both of our pally healers, Lorosia and Nico have enjoyed giving this tree grief. I think they are just jealous of our leafy awesomeness.

    @Rades: I know! I never ever do the Pebble daily in Deepholm but last night for some odd reason I was in Deepholm herbing and figured I might as well.. and I run into you in that cave!

    We should totally look into doing that! I don't know what would sell best cross faction... oooh maybe pets especially since they are coming out with achievements and reward pets for 100 and 125? We should talk on vent sometime about this. Perhaps you have other ideas?