Monday, March 14, 2011

Screwy RNG and math as a religion

I understand that the whole concept of RNG is uh, the randomness. But sometimes it seems not so random. Often it seems that it is purposefully screwing with you.

Our holy pally, Lorosia, has the worst luck with RNG. The worst. We can't get any healing plate to drop in our raids for him. Its insane. And the one, the one time so far that Lorosia misses a raid night? Healing plate drops. He's the only one who has yet to get a drop from our raids, from a boss or trash. Screw you, RNG, screw you. I have to keep thinking though that his time is going to come and he'll get several drops in a row.

So also I've become a bit addicted lately to inspecting our World of Logs data. But I saw something that just doesn't make sense to me... the numbers just don't add up:

Specifically I'm looking at the numbers around how much mana I am "supposedly" gaining back through revitalize and replenishment, because my goodness, I am always struggling with mana. I look at some fights and see how much mana I've gained vs how much mana Lorosia has gained. And while the numbers are closer than I expected, Lorosia is hardly ever OOM. Hmmm. I call bollocks on how my mana gained numbers are adding up. :)

Hopefully the new weapon upgrade I got as a drop off trash, Chelley's Staff of Dark Mending, will help a little bit more!


  1. I like it! Had a good little chuckle over this heh heh heh. And I never had good luck with RNG either, the times when I REALLY needed a piece...ya RNG screwed with me and I think I almost threw my PC out the window ina nerd rage fit lol. Have a great day though!!!!

  2. I earn that extra mana through the blood and sweat of judging constantly! It can vary pretty wildly depending on if I'm comfortable using a GCD for it (I usually am - figure the resto can cover it). And my personal CD is 2m vs. your 3m.

    I like the constant "any day now, you'll get ten drops at once! Any day now...."

  3. Hee hee yeah. Our RNG would be saying "No healing plate, no healing plate, no healing plate..."

    And Lorosia my dear, as Journey would say "Don't stop believing... hold on to the feeling..."

  4. Gaaaa the staff congratulations!

    We have seen no drops of the thing through any raid night. Also all we ever seen to get is pally healing plate and we have one pally!


  5. @Zetter: Yeah. I feel quite lucky to have gotten the staff. I have a feeling I'm going to be equipping this staff for a long long time.

    Also @Lorosia: Can I just say for the record that I have cursed RNG on YOUR BEHALF here even though I told you and the rest of the boys last night that y'all were mean and that I hated you.

    My generosity overwhelms me.

  6. K, do you remember how long I went with that damned Mace of Unrequited Love? We were half-way into Uldaman and I was STILL carrying that thing around. It got to the point where I took that caster sword (with hit rating. HIT RATING on it!) from those raids. And never once did you curse the RNG on my behalf.

    The warmth of your "generosity" would freeze beer. /ducks and runs.

  7. @Nico: Hahaha. It was probably because you were already calling me Plant Girl or something. Funny enough, Lorosia is starting to give me lip too. What is it with you dress wearing pally boys?

    You need to hurry back and meet Lorosia and heal with him. I have a feeling the two of you would get along quite well (aka gang up against me, the poor innocent defenseless tree).

  8. Oh god, I actually cringed at your healing plate story. Love the comics! And grats on your new staff... I am so jealous xD

  9. @ K: Only because you took to calling me "Pally Boy" first. Assign blame where it is due, o Foliaged One. As for you being a "poor innocent defenseless" tree, I've been on Vent with you while raiding. Those would be the LAST words I'd use to describe you ;)

    On a more serious note, I have to disappear for a while. Be good while I am gone, okay? And try to treat Jess at least somewhat nicely, okay?