Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fortunes... WoW style

You know those fortune cards that inscriptionists can make, which you can use to make Fortune Cookie but give you a chance to get Fortune Card that you can sell for 5000g? I used to make and eat a lot of fortune cookies before our guild learned our seafood feast because the process of fishing for the pool-less deepsea sagefish was so painful.

Anyways, it was always fun to see what fortune you would get when you ate your fortune cookie. So now I pretty much eat them during random heroics. I got a really sweet one the other day: Fortune Card. Awww. Jess said I should save it. I've gotten others I find quite amusing or thought provoking, such as Fortune Card or Fortune Card.

Our pally tank Chanticleer mentioned one night that we should use the standard practice of adding "in bed" to the end of the fortunes we get. And sure enough, it made some of the fortunes so hilarious!

Fortune Card... in bed. Ok....
Fortune Card... in bed. Oh really?
Fortune Card... in bed. Mmmm...
Fortune Card... in bed. Um...
Fortune Card... in bed. Yikes. Seriously yikes.
Fortune Card... in bed. Hmmm...
Fortune Card... in bed. What?
Fortune Card... in bed. Mmmm...
Fortune Card... in bed. Resto druids baby, resto druids!
Fortune Card... in bed. Oh?
Fortune Card... in bed. Whoa!

Amuse yourself with the full listing for fortune cards on the wowhead.

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  1. Cute!

    I find it funny that in all the ten mans I run, there is always someone who pops a fortune card right before each boss pull.

    There should be an achievement for collecting all fortune cards (but that might turn into something like tabards were you wouldn't have the space for all them).