Friday, March 18, 2011

An actual druid healing post - OMFG

The title of this post says it all. I think I saw this blog categorized somewhere under "general", which is very true. So yeah! An actual druid healing post! /fall over in disbelief.

Anyways, I need some advice. This may have been discussed somewhere previously and maybe I just missed it. But what are your thoughts on Furor vs Moonglow?

For all of you resto druids much much smarter than me, how are you prioritizing between these two talents? Going completely one over the other? Picking some combination of the two?

Halp me with my mana. kkthxbai


  1. This might be outdated as I stopped playing over a month ago (without updating my RSS feed :) but I used to have a 7/3/31 spec which meant I preferred Furor over Moonglow.

    The reasoning behind that was that both Replenishment and Innervate (assuming you cast it on yourself) work of your maximum mana giving Furor the edge.

    Regardless it also looks like Furor gives you 15% maximum mana while Moonglow only gives you 9% mana reduction, making Furor even more desireable.

  2. This is what the resto druid in my guild did (he is better than me so I defer to his style):

    He specced into Moonglow until he stopped having mana issues, then switched to Furor.

    So once your mana issues stop bothering you slowly start switching your points over.

    BTW his druid is insanely good. He never seems to run out of mana and he gives away every innervate he has. Makes me jealous my druid isn't that good. Good luck!

  3. Check it out - sketchy math!
    100000 mana
    1000 cost
    100 spells

    100000 mana
    910 cost
    109.9 spells

    115000 mana
    1000 cost
    115 spells

    And, like Anon said - more max mana = more regen, too. I also chuckled at the thought that you might not be casting Innervate on yourself. I could use it!

  4. Mmm... I was trying to do some of this maths:

    * Assume 100k mana, with furor you have 115k. The difference in the innervate from furor would be 20k vs 23k so +3k for a total of +18k. Yes, there is regen/replenishment but my math isn't gud enough to know how to calculate that. :)

    * But with moonglow, lets just look at Rejuv. My rejuv costs 3503 mana (assuming toolbar numbers are right, though maybe they are not).

    A 9% mana reduction for each rejuv is -315. Our logs look like I cast 93 rejuvs last night on Val and Theralion. 93*315 = 29,320.

    And actually I think I copied the wrong image for moonglow because its 9% reduction on all healing spells. So if so, wouldn't moonglow be the way to go? That's why I was confused because the high level math in my head seemed to point to moonglow.

    But then again I fail at maths... even though I am asian. So I was wondering if I was missing something.

  5. I would like to share with all the blog readers how mean Lorosia was to me last night. Late into our eventually successful Val and Ther attempt I called out in desperation to Keelee for a hymn of hope.

    Lorosia told me later that it was good I called out for it then because at the time he was at EIGHTY PERCENT mana.

    /glare at holy pally

  6. Hahaha, I love how you added that. Damn pallies!

  7. I've read a lot of blogs and numbers most of which I trust on this topic. They all point to Furor being the better spell to take. I think I'm still spec'd moonglow just because I like cheaper spells. If I think about it too much I play much better knowing I'm not putting points into feral XD and I prolly have them there anyways since I haven't looked at my spec in weeks! So don't look at my spec >< lol

  8. The problem I have is that I have no idea how to calculate the incombat spirit regen we get. But, going by Moonglow is better b/c of that. Furor's better for all the other regen, but I guess the spirit regen outpaces it. You should play with the spreadsheet. They're always fun. And your comparison's not quite fair. A whole fight's worth of Rejuv casts compared to 1 innervate - most of your regen was from Revitalize and 2xInnervate.

    Valiona ground is such a great time to regen. Cast a Holy Light on whoever took the fireball, and then keep casting it on whoever wasn't topped off by CoH/WG after Blackout. I got into Theralion at 100%. I honestly thought you were kidding about Hymn until I saw your mana bar. Of course, with you OOM and Keelee singing, I'm spamming Divine Light to try to get people up into some sort of safe zone. Since my AoE healing is so sucky, I won't be healing them again until I've healed everyone else. Then I was low on mana, which made me sad :(

  9. Grats on the Twins Kill! So happy for you guys!

    The Twins fight is interesting on my healer mana as well. Up, then down, then up then down. Replenishment is a huge mana regen and max mana helps that out a ton.

    And hymn of hope also works on max mana.

  10. Also, forgot about this, have you checked out talent chic?

    It looks like druids drop Swift Rejuvination and Nature's Bounty to get Furor.

    The top resto specs are:


  11. See I am still confused about this, because yes I've seen elsewhere all this talk about Furor. And true, its harder to do the math on replenishment and etc given a larger mana pool.

    But with moonglow... can't we think about a lower mana cost as having more mana in the end as well?

  12. Well, lower mana cost doesn't complement anything else and lower mana costs works against Clearcasting from Omen of Clarity.

    Whereas larger mana pool works with a lot of other effects.

    Also, I noticed your WOL parses is missing March 11th's parse. I uploaded my combat logs from March 11th when I joined you all with my mage to:

    I can send a zipped copy to WoL uploader person as well.

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